Friday, 30 October 2020

Ollie's Fabulous Birthday Friday!


#1 here. Last year, when Ollie celebrated his first birthday, I was on the other side of the world, in Japan.  It was Mr. G and Ms. N who helped him celebrate that enormous milestone. This year, we had been planning to have a celebratory birthday dinner, but have had to cancel because of our new confinement, although Mr.G and Ms. N will sneak over this afternoon for tea and "bones"!

Ollie has come such a long way since the day he arrived at Poupounette Central:

He was lucky to have a mentor as wonderful as Fernant! Someone he could really look up to!

He was very snuggly right from the beginning!

And intrepid!

Pretty soon, he and Genji became friends:

This is me and Ollie when he was 4 months old:

As Ollie grew, his tongue seemed to grow even more!

He got to meet Tommy's sister, Sophie!

And got to go the beach for the first time!

Here we are together when he was 11 months old:

Pretty soon, Ollie was a match for Fernant in size!

When I had my knee surgery in late January, Ollie stayed with Mr. G and family, and got to play with Paddy, who belongs to his sister!

During the spring confinement, Ollie helped a lot with gardening:

And here we are when Ollie was 18 months:

And Ollie grew ever more handsome!

He got to go on an adventure in Normandy in August:

And now he is 2 years old! This photo of the two of us was taken yesterday:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OLLIE POO! You have grown into a wonderful boy, handsome, sweet and playful. You stepped into a pretty gigantic pair of shoes and you are filling them beautifully!


  1. Happy happy Birthday!!! you are a wonderful pup and we hope you will have a wonderful day ... and this day is the start to a good year...

  2. Happy Birthday dear Ollie. What a wonderful 2 years you've had, we wish you many more. X

  3. happy birthday Olly good cookie 🍪 for this memorable day ... and thank you to your mistress for this reading moment which gives us hope in the humanity so oppressed at this time in all countries. thank you for this moment of life.🎂🍭🐶

  4. Happy Birthday, Ollie. You know you're my favorite dog. It's going to be hard not to see you for a whole month! Your human has raised you so well! Love, Marianne

  5. Happy birthday, Ollie! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and many many more.

  6. The happiest of birthdays, handsome Ollie!!

  7. Honestly, 2 years old?!?
    Where does the time go?
    Happy, happy birthday, Ollie!

  8. Happy Birthday, Ollie! We can't believe you are two years old already.

  9. You are such a cool Dude Ollie, Happy Birthday!!!

  10. Happy birthday, Ollie! You are handsomer with every day.

  11. Happy Purrthday Ollie, you have grown into a very handsome lad.

  12. Happy Barkday Ollie ! And many more !

  13. Happy 2nd Birthday Ollie!!!!
    You have had a wonderful 2 years at Poupounette Central and mum and I hope you enjoy many more happy years!!!!!!!

    Purrs, Julie

  14. We cannot believe you are TWO already, Ollie. Happy Birthday to you!!! We bet Tommy is looking down at you with pride.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  15. Happy birthday, Ollie! You and your tongue have grown big and handsome :-) Great photos of you enjoying a happy life. Even though the special dinner pawty had to be canceled, I’m glad you got to celebrate your birthday with #1 :-)

  16. Happy Birthday to YOU, Ollie!!

    Hope that when you had a sneak pawrty it was fun, with loads of good bones!

  17. Happy Birthday little one. xo


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