Sunday, 7 October 2018

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: #1 left yesterday, and we made sure to get in lots of snuggles with her before that, so we could do a proper SoS post for you.

When #1 is in town and at her desk, this is a regular scene with Genji, repeated countless times a day:

It's a wonder #1 ever gets any work done...

As you know, I do a lot of my snuggling with Tommy, and that of course will continue when #1 is away.

My Beebs also loves to snuggle with #1:

Tommy will be able to continue snuggling with his outside buddy, Merlin:

Ms. C has promised to send #1 photos of the Vs and to give them lots of cuddles. #1 did get it a big snuggle before leaving. 

With Violette:

And with The Big V

 Mr. G has promised that he will send #1 photos (as has Ms.C) and we do have a little stock, so we plan to keep posting, with the occasional post about the World Percheron Congress.

UPDATE: We heard from #1. American Airlines upped and cancelled her flight and she was stuck at Paris airport for a whole day. They did put her in a hotel, so she got to rest up. We are crossing paws that things go smoothly for her today.


  1. Bonjour, désolée pour votre vol annulé, c'est fréquent avec cette compagnie d'après ce que j'ai entendu... Merci pour toutes ces merveilleuses photos et merci pour continuer d'alimenter le blog de loin. Tommy est vraiment adorable avec les chats ... Bon voyage â venir et courage â la petite famille, votre #1 reviendra vite et vous êtes bien entourés par Ms C et Mr G,
    Michele F

  2. Oh what a pain. I sure hope things go better on the rest of the trip!

  3. We hope #1 got on her way today. You all are a snuggly bunch.

  4. Maybe a day of rest wasn’t such a bad thing after all. Hope everything runs smoothly from here on out. Looking forward to photos!

  5. Oh no ! We hope it's the first and last problem of the trip ! Travel safe, #1 ! We know that Ms.C and Mr.G will take good care of the Poupounette Gang. Purrs

  6. How annoying that must have been for #1!!! We hope the rest of the trip goes much more smoothly.

    Nice snuggles all around.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. We are glad that the snuggling will continue while #1 is away and I hope she has a smooth flight!

  8. That is very annoying that the flight was cancelled and hope #1's plans go better today. It is good she got all those snuggles before she left.

  9. Glad to hear you got some good snuggles before #1 left.
    Too bad she had such trouble at the airport.
    We purr that will be the only bad part of her trip!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  10. Bummer on getting her flight cancelled. That isn't nice at all, even with a free hotel room.

  11. I hope you have fun snuggling with Mr. G and Ms. C! We saw about the travel problems on Facebook - I'm glad they got sorted out.

  12. Coucou,
    Nous sommes de plus en plus absentes. Mon humaine n'a pas super envie de bloguer hélas. Mais ça reviendra.
    Désolée pour ce début de voyage pénible.
    Genji tu fais les mêmes câlins que moi. C'est pas mal de les faire aussi ... au milieu de la nuit.

  13. I read about that flight fiasco, #1! Let's hope the rest of your trip is stress-free!


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