Saturday, 27 October 2018

Sei-Chan's Souvenir Saturday

Rainbow Sei: Oh Boy, Oh Boy, OH BOY! That was quite a trip! In fact both Yuu and I barely managed to hold on to our hats (by the way, I told Yuu that he needed a kitty-sized pair of cowboy boots and a hat like #1's! Don't you think he would look fab in them?). And now #1 tells me that we are off again in less than 2 weeks! Oops? Did I just spill some beans? You did know, right? This time, we are heading east, to the land of the rising sun. Enough said...

I shall start with Ikkyu today. It would appear that he liked to sit in bathtubs!

 Here is my handsome Yuu, lounging in a sunpuddle:

Yuu, just like me, has those gorgeous pink pawpads! And just look at those long legs!

You will of course remember that #1 always said that I looked most fabulous in sunpuddles!

As did Sen-Chan who's also a redhead!

Trav of course is more the tall, dark and handsome type!

 #1 tells me that it's beginning to get cold down there, so please stay warm and have a great weekend!


  1. How nice to see you all! It has been a while.

  2. Oh no! Another trip for #1? You’ve just gotten home from her last adventure. A kittie’s job is never done.
    You are all so beautiful, we wish we could scoop you up into our arms and kiss your sweet heads.

  3. Those were all such seriously wonderful photos!

  4. Good to see you all. The land of the rising sun sounds amazing. It sounds like there will be lots of sun puddles there!

    Love Laser & McLaren

  5. Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos of you all. Love Yuu enjoying a wonderful day in the sunpuddle. Ikkyu, our kitties love sitting in the bathtub too, especially when they are hiding from us. Have a great weekend and stay warm.
    World of Animals

  6. Coucou Angel-Sei,
    C'est vrai que le soleil t'allait super bien. Je suis sure qu'il te va d'ailleurs toujours aussi bien.
    Trav fait très grand baroudeur sur cette photo.
    Alors tu vas encore aller accompagner ta #1 pour un grand voyage. Tu es devenue une intrépide exploratrice.
    Ca nous fait toujours plaisir de te voir et de voir les autres anges.
    PS : Quand tu parles du pays du soleil levant mon humaine a dit un truc comme ... à oui, le pays où l'on massacre des familles entières de dauphins et aussi des baleines. En ce moment elle est vraiment très en colère après les humains qui tuent pour rien, pour le plaisir, pour la tradition. Ca lui passera... ou pas.

    1. Dans tout pays, il y a des choses très désagréables, parfois insupportables, mais c'est une erreur de se former une image seulement sur cette base. Si on faisait ça, tous les pays seraient horribles, parce que tous ont quelque chose à se reprocher.

  7. Another big trip??? You all need to put a leash on #1!!!

    It had gotten chillier here but now we are having a brief visit with Indian Summer:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. You all sound like some very busy kitties! Thanks so much for stopping by and joining our No Tricks Just Treats for Shelters Comment-A-thon!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  9. I keep sitting on mum so she stays home more. You may need to do that with #1!

  10. You all look great ! It looks like #1 is keeping all the angels very busy ! We bet the Chans are looking for a way to pin her at home for a while ! Purrs


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