Friday, 24 August 2018

Feline Friday - The Cousins!

#1 here. Aside from Tommy's sisters and niece, in Normandy, his birth home is also home to 9 cats! Many of them have been there for years but there are some newbies.

One of the stars among the newbies is this gorgeous little girl, called Missy which is short for Mischief!

The most fun thing about Missy is that she has a white tip to her tail! You can see it in this photo of her with Tommy:

Missy is very cute and she just loves to cuddle!

There is also the very handsome BB , named in part for our very own Beebs!

And here are a couple of the longer term residents:

 And these guys are definitely not kitties, but there are also some miniature Ouessant sheep that live there! This handsome guy is the ram, Pascal!

We hope you have enjoyed meeting these cousins of ours! We shall be returning to regular programming very soon.


  1. missy would be a pawfect addition to our furmily BOL

  2. It was nice meeting your cousins!

  3. That's sure one nice bunch of sweeties!

  4. We loved seeing the other "residents" in Normandy :)
    They are all cute.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  5. Hello to all your cousins from Normandy. That white tip of the tail is so cute.

  6. Wow, there's a whole Noah's Ark vibe going on over there!

  7. Missy est très jolie. Et elle a vraiment une robe originale. Ce petit bout de queue blanc est unique.

  8. We love black cats and Missy is one adorable kitty. That white tip on her tail is soooo cute. We’ve never seen any cat like her. And dear, sweet Tommy is a friend to everyone. He’s a very special dog.
    The whole family is just delightful! What a wonderful place for everyone to live. Thanks for the photos.

  9. All the cousin cats are very nice-looking, but we love black Missy!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. Lovely cousins, and that white tip on the tail is so cute.

  11. That's so cool that BB is named after the Beebs!

  12. Nice to meet your cousins ! Purrs


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