Thursday, 15 March 2018

Tommy Thursday

Tommy: is the weather strange where you are? It's been very strange here. We think it's suffering from a major identity crisis! At any rate, we want to think that spring is coming but we hear rumours of another cold front this weekend. #1 and I are trying our best to get out when we can but the fields are still very soggy from all the rain we have had.

As long as I have my ball, I am a happy boy!


  1. This Winter has been very strange.
    We have not had as much snow as we normally do and now that March is here, we have had 2 snowstorms with really high winds,then rain, but the temps have not been overly cold.
    We do not mind so much as we are indoor cats.
    We purr you get more days to get out and play with that pretty ball :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. We are having a rainy March! We do need the rain, it's just a weird time to have it.

  3. There’s an old saying that says March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Well, that is certainly turning out to be true. We’d surely like to hurry the lamb along though. Kisses for you, beautiful boy.

  4. Soggy isn't too good but fun always is Tommy!

  5. At least you don't have snow on the ground. Our February was mostly snow free but our March is full of snow. We got 8" yesterday on top of a 4" snow pack. It will be weeks before we see our grass again and spring is just around the corner on the calendar.

  6. Tommy, knowing what makes you happy is very impawtant!

  7. Tommy! You look so glorious and HAPPY!
    Please tell your #1 that I have not had a chance to comment, but we do read you every morning - in bed - with our email. Mom promises that when the software rollout finally happens April 7th we will be much better about coming by when we can comment!
    Love and Purrs
    Marv and Mom

  8. You look pretty happy to us, Tommy. We have to say we had a marvelous day here today - it is 76 degrees F here right now - pretty darn good for mid-March:) But we would love to see some snow.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  9. we have the same problem... furst the sun smiles with 10k volt... and if brave humans like the mama go out in a t-shirt Jack Frost welcomes them with icy wind, rain and dark clouds ;O)))

  10. You always look happy, Tommy. The weather is weird here also.


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