Sunday 18 March 2018

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: It's a bit of a dreary weekend at this end, but Tommy and I have been spending a lot of time together.

As has my Beebs:

Although he has also been doing the undercover stuff:with #1:

Da Genj, on the other hand, has been doing his usual chest warmer stuff!

This week's snuggle prize must go to Violette, However. It helped that Ms. C was there to take lots of pics as she and #1 snuggled!

That is what I call serious snuggling!

Wishing you all a snuggle-filled Sunday!

PS: #1 here. I would like to say a very special thank you to our friend Hisia, and her human, Natacha, for doing the most beautiful post about our Sei-Chan on their blog yesterday, SEIturday. It is in French but you can look at it here. Hisia is a little blue Aby and she is actually a cousin of our Genji's. She had an older sister, a beautiful tabby girl called Loustiquette, who also left unexpectedly at the end of October last year. Sei-Chan and Loustiquette were good friends on the blogosphere, and we like to think that they are now together and having a good miaow.


  1. I'm home today, so not so much snuggling, except maybe with my human!

  2. We love all the snuggles and the ones with Violette are so sweet :)
    WE read Sei's tribute bi Hisia an loved it too.
    People can use Google translate if they don't read French ;)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. Violette is looking beautiful and giving lots of snuggles.
    I just read the post, and it is a lovely tribute to Sei.

  4. Those are such wonderful snuggles and the ones with Violette sure made us smile. That was a wonderful tribute to Angel Sei.

  5. Hisia wrote a beautiful tribute to your Angel Sei-Chan indeed. We love the snuggle pictures of #1 with Violette. Purrs

  6. That sure was a fantastic tribute to Angel Sei. Very very nice. Good to see the snuggles with Violette too. Have a great Sunday.

  7. La photo où Violette est de face est très jolie. Elle est pleine de tendresse, et en plus le frontal lui va très bien.
    C'était juste normal de fait un post pour Sei-Chan. J'ai été tellement triste de sa disparition.
    Bonne soirée
    Nat à Chat

  8. Those are some beautiful shots of #1 and Violette. And of course, we love seeing all of you snuggling too. We are off to see that post and let Mom put her French skills to use, if she can dust them off a bit too:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  9. Those are great snuggle pictures. We can tell how much #1 and Violette enjoyed their snuggle session.

  10. Beautiful tribute to Sei. She was a loved kitty for sure.

    Sei and Tommy were the most amazing snuggle photos. We enjoy ALL of your sweet snuggles.

  11. Nice that you are all getting all sorts of snuggles.

  12. Oh WOW! What wonderful Snuggles this week! We can not pick a favorite!
    But I must say that Violette looks like a fairy tale horse!


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