Friday, 23 February 2018

Frootbat Friday

Da Genj: Greetings, everyone and welcome to Frootbat Friday! We have had some really nice sunpuddles this week and so #1 has been busy with her camera! Let me start with my exquisite frootbats:

And a mysterious hind view of the BeebsyBats:

Some rather nice SeiBats:

 And rather thoughtful Queen Tama 'Bats:

#1 didn't get a good flying ears pic this week, so here is one of Tommy from a couple of weeks ago, when we had that snow, showing a rather fine and unusual Half-Flying Ear!

Violette sent a picture from her new place:

And we have a special guest this week, with probably the best Frootbats ever. Meet Violette's best friend, Samia!

Here is a pic of the two of the together in the snow!


  1. We love all the frootbays and flying ears!!
    Samia is mighty cute too and we are glad she and Violette are friends.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. Awesome photos! I loved seeing everyone, plus Samia!

  3. oooh Samia is a super friend I bet... we had such friends in my area too... but the evil neighbors attacked the ass-man for the loud noises and he had to give away his two poitou donkeys... sigh...

  4. Those bats are all super impressive gang!

  5. Violette ton ami est vraiment joli. Toi aussi bien sure, mais les ânes c'est spécial ...
    Vidock, comme toujours quand il s'agit d'oreilles, c'est ta photo la mieux, même si celle de Sei et pas mal du tout.

  6. Frootbat ears are everywhere! Wow, that's a great collection. Violette's choice in friends is very diverse!

  7. This Friday's frootbats have to be the best we have seen here!!! And of course, you know how much we love Tommy's Half-flying Ear:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. Wonderful frootbats ! Samia looks like a nice friend, Violette. Purrs

  9. Sammia has a wonderful set of fruitbats!

  10. You all look great! We love how the sun shines through your frootbats.

  11. I love the frootbat series. Great photos, efurryone!
    And Samia is super adorable :-)


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