Thursday, 23 July 2015

Tommy Thursday

Tommy: #1 is going through a very busy time again at the moment. I wanted to let you know that she was on French TV a couple of days ago, interviewed about her photo exhibition1 The Big V was featured as well! Anyway, she is running around trying to meet various deadlines,  and our blog posts may be a little shorter than usual.

Here is a shot of me in the evening sunshine she took a few days ago:

And how about this nice portrait?

However busy she is, she still takes me for my runs in the fields!


  1. I'm glad you still get your field time, Tommy!

  2. We are glad that even though she is busy, she still allows you field time. That's a sign of a good momma.

  3. We love the portrait of you Tommy as you look so happy in your fields.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. So big V is a supa-star
    Lily & Edward

  5. Wowwie! Congratulations to #1!!! And the Big V!!!
    And wes understands

  6. Tommy, you're looking in good form. I can tell you are very proud of #1. That's fabulous she got exposure for the exhibition on the French news. How exciting! Wishing all of you a great day!

  7. That is a super duper portrait Tommy!!!

  8. Tu as une très jolie langue Tommy ....
    Pas facile l'emploi du temps des humains, mais au moins tu as tes balades champêtres. C'est l'essentiel. Profites en bien.

  9. #1 must be very excited about all the happenings. Great pics of you, Tommy - too hot for us to do much running, but we do enjoy seeing you out there.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  10. You have an amazing mom, Tommy, and you can be proud of her ! That's great she saves time for you in her busy schedule ! Purrs

  11. Tommy, your #1 ;oves you and will always find time for you.
    Look after her and make sure she gets proper breaks :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ


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