Monday, 13 July 2015

Manly Monday

Da Genj: I think it is high time I got some air time on this blog, don't you?

Here I am, looking perfectly angelic:

Tommy: #1 and I had a pretty busy weekend. These two photos were taken by a friend, Mr. G, at a barbecue we went to on Saturday:

We had the best time!

Da Beebs: Who's a handsome boy, then?

 Showing Da Claws of Doom...

Vidock: Pensive...


Basha asked if he could include this romantic photo for Loustiquette. He was coming over to #1 for cuddles in the field:



  1. I loved seeing all you guys today - looking good!

  2. Hisia : Tu as trouvé un ventilateur Tommy ? Moi ça me fait peur ces trucs là.
    Genji tout le monde sait que tu es comme moi un petit ange bleu ! C'est pas comme Bibi qui as toujours l'air un peu inquiétant.
    Loustiquette : Tu es beau dans ce champs Basha. Je viendrais bien y faire un petit tour avec toi. Moi je n'ai pas de champs. Je suis sure qu'on y trouve des mulots.

  3. You all are looking magnificent this Monday!
    Genji, we think more air time is a purrfect idea!

  4. Da Genj, you totally deserve to be in the spotlight! Love that face. Da Beebs is looking sleek as well. I was really wondering what was in Tommy's mouth. He sure is full of personality! Of course, I always enjoy seeing the 2 "V's". Didn't know Vidock could dance!

  5. OH! What beautiful ones you are! And yes Genji...about time indeed! Basha, nice to meetcha!

  6. Dang, y'all are looking good! I love that first photo!

  7. You're all looking good ! We love to see you dancing, Big V ! Purrs

  8. Every one of you is looking very handsome today. Tommy, what have you got there? Something tasty?

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  9. You are all looking very handsome on Manly Monday.

  10. Pawsome Manly Monday :)
    Genji, we like your "mask"
    You are a handsome boy,er,Mancat!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  11. Whatcha got in your mouth there, Tommy? It looks like a candle or - uhh, maybe a bottle of milk? We have NO clue!

  12. You guys are all looking good. Tommy what is that thing in your mouth?

  13. Just the right touch for a manly Monday.


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