Wednesday 21 May 2014

Wildlife Wednesday!

Da Beebs: If you had ANY doubt, Dear Friends, of my abilities as a mighty hunter, today is the day I shall offer you irrefutable proof of my prowess!

The weather was still gloriously sunny on Monday and Da Genj and I were out in the run. Then suddenly, #1 saw us run into the living room, me first and DG in hot pursuit. I was growling suspiciously and she immediately guessed that I had caught something. She started after me and I went back into the run, this time with both DG and #1 in hot pursuit!

I had caught myself a slow worm! Do you know what they are? They are a kind of legless lizard that looks like a fairly short snake. As I held it delicately in my mouth, it looped itself into knots!

Da Genj desperately wanted to get his teeth into it, so he tried biting my tail!

I hate to admit it, but this tale has a sad ending (for me) in that #1 managed to get it from me, and actually took it back outside and released it into a pile of logs. He slithered away so she hopes he made it and wasn't injured.

In other wildlife news, I continue to enjoy our squirrels:

They are cheeky little things! Here is Rusty on a sunny day:

And a rather wet Rufus yesterday"


  1. Aw, bummer, Bibi! I've caught lizards (the legged kind) a couple of times around here, but I've never gotten to keep them - my human is the WORST spoilsport... plus she loves lizards. As friends, not meals. Feh.

  2. Great catch Bibi!
    Our Mom takes away our catches too.
    Guess it is a Mom thing :/
    We giggled at Genji biting your tail ;) heehee
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure, JJ
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  3. Humans are the greatest meddlers. san allowed a big juicy fly to escape from us last week. He was a little giddy and was walking on the slippery floor. THAT was one lovely slow worm!

  4. ( Huge eyes ) I have never see lizard like that !
    Looks so wicked !
    But you know ? My mom has a phobia with lizard !.the pale one with legs ( Asian house lizard ) got her scream !
    She said she had a freak experience with it when she was 5 years old.

    So Bibi, don't drop it in front of my mom !

  5. Mum prefers the floofy pictures best Genji - lizards, frogs or snakes and anything without fur are not received with open arms here. BTW she can't bear to touch a bird as they flutter - what does she expect when we're chasing it!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. It's an adventure out there! Was that worm tasty?
    Lily & Edward

  7. Aw - the mighty Reptile Hunter! We are really envious. Well caught and unfairly surrendered.

  8. Wow how exciting!! I've never seen slow worm. It is huge!! No wonder Genji wanted it so bad that he bit your tail. LOL! Sorry you couldn't keep it, but it's for the best :-)
    Rusty and Furus are very cute. Enjoy your squirrel TV!

  9. Moms are kill joys! Our mom takes our trophies from us too. We'd never heard of a slow worm but we are very impressed with your skills!

  10. You sure are some hunter! Howdy squirrley!

  11. Great catch ! Did you have time enough to taste it a little before you mom saved it ? We love to see pictures of Rufus and Rusty ! Purrs

  12. You are clever to have caught it but I like #1 would have released it. I love that you have squirrels so close. I love watching squirrels x

  13. Tu es un chasseur très délicat Bibi. Les orvets il parait que c'est très fragile. C'est pour ça que ça s'appelle aussi un serpent de verre.
    Tu as de la chance d'en avoir attrapé. Moi j'en ai jamais vu. Loustiquette elle m'a expliqué comment c'est. Quand elle était jeune elle en trouvait parfois. Elle dit que c'est le chat qui était ici avant elle qui les a presque tous tués. Maintenant il n'y en a plus.
    Genji .... enfin ! La queue d'un chat c'est pas une proie.
    Ronrons les garçons.

  14. Amazing! Concatulations on your super hunting skills! I haven't caught one of those (yet) mummy says she would have a screaming fit if I broughted one of them in the where to start looking....

  15. Well, that wasn't very nice of #1 to take your worm away from you, Bibi. But we bet you'll get more opportunities to do some hunting. :)

  16. Yeah the pawrents tend to get skittish when we use our skills. We have been putting the bitey on things when we find them and then Dad lets us have our way for awhile

  17. You are a mighty hunter! Our mom, however, would not like the slow worm. She has a phobia for all things slithery, but especially SNAKES, and probably slow worms too, even though we don't have slow worms here. Thank COD, says Mom!


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