Monday 19 May 2014


Tommy: Woofs everyone! Did you know that today, May 19th, is BLOGVILLE DATE DAY? I had no idea until I read about it on my friend Millie's blog. It has been organised by Sarge, to whom we all say a big thank you! Millie is a lovely young lady and she was actually looking for a date! Her brother walter had already organised an outing with Tuiren, but she was dateless. I immediately stepped up and offered to escort her, and she said yes!

As you know, I live in France and we're about 100 miles (160km) from Paris, so I decided to ask Millie if she would like to fly over, and perhaps even bring young Walter and Tui along for a double date.

Well, we had ourselves the most fabulous time! We started out at that symbol of all that is Parisian, the Eiffel Tower. From left to right, Walter, Tui, me and Millie:

We then went to get a bit of culture and spent some time meandering around the Louvre museum, as well as admiring the famous I.M. Pei glass pyramid which is outside

I have to say that Millie was a total sweetheart and that Walter and Tui were delightful companions. It was fun showing them around

After the museum and lunch, I decided that I would show them the banks of the river Seine. There are beautiful walkways all along, at almost river level, and so much interesting peemail to read along the way!

And once evening came, we split up and Millie and I went for a romantic dinner cruise on the river!

It really was the perfect day for a romantic date in Paris!

#1 would like to say a special thanks to Millie's Mom for her work on the photos!


  1. A great tour of Paris! Thanks, Tommy.

  2. OMC, look at what fun you're having Tommy! But who is watching the BOOTIFUL ladycats while you're away? *sneaking in to steal some smoochies*

  3. Don't forget to do pee-mail every street pole !!!
    So you can say " been there, done that !" Ha..ha..ha

  4. Oh Tommy, you are such a gentleman! What a fun double date you had in Paris! The dinner cruise is really romantic. The photos are fantastic, too1

  5. I had so much fun, thanks for showing us around Tommy. ~Tuiren

  6. Hi Tommy! Walter and I want to thank you for such a great day. We sure had fun touring Paris. Next time I visit I would love to come to your home to meet your family. You were such a great host to all of us.



  7. We hope you got a smooch Tom.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Hi Tommy, WOW you truly did set up a WONDERFUL DOUBLE DATE. We loved it... You did the LOCK thingy on the bridge... HOW romantic THAT is.
    We loved it all. What Marvelous Memories.

  9. Tommy you are such a softie! Who knew you were such a romantik!!! Did all the kitties get into mischief at home while you were out galavanting?!

  10. You two sure had a most wonderful date Tommy!!!

  11. Oh Tommy, you planned a so romantic tour for your double date ! We sure they adore it ! Purrs


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