Monday 26 May 2014

Manly Monday

Vidock: Study Neighs, Everyone! Guess what? I had another big adventure yesterday! Uncle E and #1 showed up late morning with the trailer! Uncle E came to get me:

I hopped into the trailer:

And next thing I knew, I was HOME!!! 

Can you see at the back of the picture? That's BIG TOM!!!! I was back at my birth home! I did a little joyful dance:

Apparently, I am here for a short while, to get my driving licence. Isn't that exciting? In the meantime, look who's in the next stall:

That's pipsqueak one and two, the two yearling colts. Diablo, the one in the front, was sucking up to me big time!

Da Beebs: The other day, I decided to try #1's banana-strawberry drinking yoghurt. It was yummy!

I've been hanging out with big bro, Tommy:

Oh, and I was forgetting some great times in a box!

That box and tail combo is awesome!

Genji: The weather has been mostly rainy, so I have been doing a lot of napping, sometimes with that long-legged bro of mine…

You were wanting something, #1?

A boy always has to be spotless!

Tom: I spent some time hanging out with my pal Gitan. He is an Irish Setter/Brittany Spaniel mix and both handsome and sweet. A real gent! He is on a chain part of the day because he lives right next to the road and has the bad habit of wandering onto the road.

I also tried out some spring fashions:

And got to romp in the fields when it wasn't raining:

Wishing you all a great Monday!


  1. Ha..Ha..Ha..Tommy, I love your Spring Fashion !
    And so good to see you all are well.
    But that drink...I can't believe you do it !
    Kudos to you

  2. We're Glad everyone seems to be having a nice time together and coping well with rain. You look really nice with that spring hat ala tendrils Tommy.

  3. Vidock, how exciting you got to visit your birth home and get driver's license! Tommy, I love your spring fashion :-) You look fantastic!

  4. We love the hair decoration Tommy which gives you a very casual look.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Oh boy Big V we hope you pass your test. Tommy you look like you are having a bad hair day but you are cute like that.

  6. Looks like a fun time V! Hey, y'all are looking terrific!

  7. Vidock, we are so glad you got to visit home! Is #1 going to get you a sports car when you pass your test?

  8. Our Mama is home now and we are getting all caught up with you! Rain! Who needs it but the gardens?! :p Tommy you look like a flower child in your Spring Fashion! :)
    Hope all is well with all of you!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  9. Happy Monday to all of you!

  10. Bibi tu as bien raison ... les yaourts c'est super trop bon ! Quelque soit le parfum moi j'adore.
    Ca a l'air pas mal ta boite. Il faudrait vraiment qu'un jour je me décide moi aussi à essayer les boites.
    Genji tu fais bien le gentil tout mignon chat .....
    Ronrons les garçons

  11. OH! Tommy! I am DAZZLED with your springtime fashion! Wowzers! are the King of the Hill right now. I can't wait for you to get your drivers license! xox

    Kitties, you are looking completely gorgeous and gleaming!

  12. Yay Vidock!!! I bet you are so happy to see Big Tom again! I can't wait to read all about your driving training!

  13. It must feel good to visit your old home again Vidock. It looks like you are very good going in the trailer.
    You look good in your Spring fashion Tommy. Is it clivers? The horses here get it fed to them if they have filled legs.

  14. You all have been busy as always! Wonderful to see you! Sorry we are behind on checking on you all.
    Marty and Mom

  15. Will Vidock get racing goggles?


  16. Vidock, how cool that you get to spend some time at home. And Tommy, we love your new spring fashion. ;)

  17. Vidock, how exciting ! We can't wait to read about your driving license ! Tommy, you should show your Spring Fashion to Jean-Paul Gauthier or Karl Lagerfeld ! You're right Da Beebs : boxes and tails rock ! Purrs

  18. Tommy I LOVE your spring fashion look :)



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