Sunday, 25 September 2011

Showtime Sunday!

#1 here again. It has been another hugely busy day, made no easier by a very sore back at my end. I am back in my room and all drugged up but wanted to share a few pictures from today with all of you.

Mare and her foal waiting to be presented:

Professional logger Christine Sallé, strutting her stuff at the Congress!

The Australian vaulters from Kamilaroi Equestrian on Lakes Titan:

Notredam de Prainville on her way to the track to win yet another race:

Quick du Plessis, who won the heavy pull:

Spectacular unicorn hitch presented by David Curtis of Middleton Percherons (UK):

General haulage turnout from 1893 driven by Emma Scotney (UK) who came equal first in the trade and prestige turnouts. The horse, Willingham Randy (nicknamed Andy) became a particular favourite of mine:

Spectacular 1903 St. Giles steam fire engine, driven by the McDermott family (UK)

Wonderful 16-horse carousel:

The horses in what is called a family presentation, with only mares who are related:


  1. Great pictures. We hope you feel better. Wonder if we could put a bow on our hiney
    Benny & Lily

  2. Wow...those pics sure are cool. Those horses sure are beauties.

  3. Beautiful! I love the heavy horses!

  4. What great pictures! We love seeing all the horses!!

    #1, we hope your back feels better soon.

  5. Such gorgeous horses! Perhaps you could use one tomorrow to cart you around? Hope your back feels better!

  6. The horses are wonderful and so gorgeous. We especially like th epicture of the mare and her foal. We hope your back is better.

    the amigos and san

  7. These horses have so much character!
    These horse fairs look very exciting.

  8. Such magnificent horses! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  9. Hope your back heals up quickly! The horses are magnificent!

  10. Wow - HUGE horsies! Paws crossed for your back - hopefully some beautiful furry hot water bottles are keeping you warm.

  11. Such amazing, powerful horses! If your back is still sore when you get home, I'm sure at least a couple of your feline crew will offer their services as a vibrating heating pad! Binga does that job here.

  12. Gorgeous pics! Such different horses than we haf here in the central U.S.

  13. We have nominated your blog for the Noteworthy Archives award. Stop by my blog when you have some time and find out more about it and why we nominated your blog.

  14. We hope your back is much easier
    today #1. We love the old ateam fire engine - it looks wonderful with the men in their uniforms.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  15. Take care of that back. Thanks for the wonderful pics. Loved the Rosa Bonheur-style photo of the mares!

  16. I love the pictures, #1. They are very well done but most of all, I hpe your back will allow you to be up and about very soon. Mom and I are sorry that you have injured it and hoefully muscle relaxers will assist the healing.


  17. Here we are a day late again, but we sure hope your back is doing better. The Momster has been fighting some back issues and says they are no fun.

    Such beautiful horses, so much to see and enjoy.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  18. Beautiful horses. They leave us breathless.

    the critters in The Cottage

  19. Breathtaking! Seeing these beautiful horses in motion gives me chills.
    Hope your #1's back is feeling better. We are crushed that your mark has been slashed. Was this decision made by committee or just a few individuals who may have their own agendas? It happens you know. We think your beauty and intelligence is undeniable! And your movement is elegant and regal. Pah! Who knows what goes through there human's minds.

  20. Oh Mom is just in awe of all those pretty horses. It makes her miss her horse babies.

  21. I wonder how they would do in The Iditarod?

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  22. Those are the most fantastic photos! Murray was totally in awe of all those magnificent horses (as was his Mom)!

    Made his little pony that he was riding this evening seem very small!!!

    Hope the back is feeling much better #1 - look after yourself!!

    take care
    Clive & Co


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