Friday 2 September 2011

Forever Friday - IKKYU

#1 here. For almost 15 years, September 2 was a very special day of the year as it was IKKYU's birthday! Ikkyu was my first cat and my very first Abyssinian. Born in Japan, he lived with me on three continents and was an only pet for the years we shared. He went to the Bridge just over four years ago, in late August 2007. I like to remember him on this day, even more than I usually do.

He was a cute kitten when he came to live with me in Tokyo:

And always had a keen sense of fun:

Although he also knew how to be serious!

He gave me 15 years of completely devoted affection and gleefully terrified all my friends who quickly learned not to get too close!

But to me, he was always sweetness itself:

He was always keen to help me with my work

But also knew how to relax:

Until we meet again, Sweet Boy...


  1. What a fierce and loving boy Ikkyu was. Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories with us!

  2. What a lovely tribute to IKKYU. He was a beautiful boy.

    Such happy memories and lovely photos.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  3. Happy day to all at Poupounette Central on Ikkyu's birthday. Wonderful memories for you - aren't photographs wonderful?

  4. Ikkyu looks to have been a very sweet mancat and had beautiful eyes and whiskers. Those pictures must make your memories come flooding back. We hope you will raise a glass and toast him today.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. What a beautiful remembrance post of Ikkyu ~ and what a lovely and much loved boy he was. You must miss him lots. Time doesn't take the pain away ~ it just makes is a tiny bit easier to bear.

    Sending you love and sweet purrs as you remember your beloved sweet boy. xx

  6. We like to remember our boys too - but not on their birthdays cos we don't know any birthdays. He was a very globetrotting sort of cat wasn't he? Three continents makes my trips between Spain and Gib look very tame!!

    Wishing you sweet memories of him.


  7. Such a handsome and special boy. Sending purrs to you today as you remember Ikkyu.

    ::bows head in honor::

    Those who came before are never forgotten.

  8. So many IKKYU pictures, how wonderful. It's a lovely day today to remember a special cat. Many purrs.

  9. This is obviously a very special post, and He That Has Gone Before, Ikkyu is so very clearly a special mancat. We cannot imagine what it would be like to live alone with Äiti and get all that love and attention for ourselves : it must have been magnificent.

    With tipped tails and bowed heads in respect.

  10. We honor Ikkyu's memory today! He looks like our kind of guy. xoxo

  11. What a beautiful boy!!! Thank you for sharing, now we will remember him too :-)

  12. What a very special cat he was--and look at the legacy he has left in all your beautiful abbys!

  13. What a loving boy! And only to #1. You all have big pawprints to fill, Ikkyu was an Original! Mommy wonders, did he meow Japanese or was he bi-lingual?

  14. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful boy. Here's to you, Ikkyu.

  15. It is easy to see what a special boy your Sweet Boy Ikkyu was to you - so very handsome. Very nice tribute to his memory.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  16. Ikkyu was an exceptionally stunning boy! Actually, he looks a lot like an Aby version of me! We have very similar faces. Purrs to you on his day.

  17. What a cutie. Thanks for sharing the photos and stories with us. Sounds like a very special kitty indeed.

  18. Such special memories and pikhs!

    Thanks fur sharing!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Please give #1 an extra snuggle from me!

  19. Hugs to you #1, you don't forget your first love or cat!

  20. Beyootiful tribute fur a beyootiful kitteh. xoxo


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