Friday, 9 September 2011

Friends and Frootbats on Friday

: Guess who's back? Yep, young Fernant came "home" yesterday after two weeks away at school. I have to say the improvement is substantial and most impressive!

His owners come back on Saturday. Will they even recognise him...?

Young Genji submitted this for Frootbats:

And here is one from The Beebs:

Tama-Chan being coy about hers...

And sunny Frootbats from Sei-Chan!

A different, side-view from Vidock:

And a little "Flying" action from me to close!


  1. Whoaa! That's quite a clan you've got there. You all get along??

  2. What a pawesome khollekhtion of ears!

    As fur your Lab-ra-pest, it will be fun to see him when he sees them!


  3. Awesome fruitbats ~ and we are particularly taken with little Genji's! xx

  4. What a great froot batty Friday and flying ears from Tommy too.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Fernant, tamed? Will wonders never cease!

    Great bats, all of you...and what is the scar thingy on Vidock's neck?

  6. Fernant is a handsome boy! With good manners now :)

    Chans and Tommy-don't fly away with those ears...heehee.

    the critters in The Cottage

  7. Maybe there should be Mo-Frootbats day to go with Mo Cats Day!

  8. Everyone has such gorgeous earsies! Fantastic froot bats for sure! Labramenace tamed? We home he wasn't traumatized during his training. !here's hoping he'll be a bit easier on sweet Tommy.
    Like Katnip lounge, we are wondering what is the scar(?) visible on his neck below his ear?

  9. P.S. Oops, on Vidocks neck we mean.

  10. Great frootbats from all of you! Tommy looks so happy flyin through that field. He looks like he's smiling!

  11. In response to the question about Vidock's "scar", it is in fact a brand and reads SP for Société Percheronne. All pure-bread French Percherons wear that brand with pride. It shows they're true aristocrats!

  12. What an attractive crew you are!!

  13. Little Genji is really got it down with his frootbats!

    You know we adore Fernant...just makes us all go goofy. Can't explain it!

    Tommy, Grete says you are still her favorite even though we go goofy over Fernant we didn't want you to think we don't go goofy over you too!


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