Sunday, 14 August 2011

Snuggles on Sunday!

Tama-Chan: We've been very busy since #1's return, catching up on snuggles with her, but not just with her! We had guests on Thursday and Friday, just after #1 returned, and Mr. L and Mr. R certainly lavished attention on us!

#1 has also been enjoying snuggles with Vidock

And also with Tommy!

Would you be surprised to hear that Sei-Chan has been cuddling with her Tommy?!!!

But she has also been taking care of #1!

And here is young Gen-Chan hanging out on #1's lap as she tries to do stuff on the computer. My Bibi is in front of the screen.

And in case you were wondering, I too have been getting in my share of snuggles with #1!


  1. What a lot of snuggles! Visitors who enjoy cuddles are wonderful, aren't they :)

    We are so happy to hear that Tommy's leg got the A-OK!

  2. Snuggles for everyone! That is a good way to spend a Sunday.

  3. Bibi, I just know you are in charge blogging : )
    Have a lovely Sunday to you all

  4. I'll bet it took a long time for #1 to get caught up on all that snuggling!

  5. Happy Snuggly Sunday to the snuggliest family we know:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Wow! Lots of snuggling going on! Enjoy!!

  7. Oh my mom so enjoys seeing all of you, and certainly Vidock too, enjoying snuggles after #1 has returned to home and to all of you who waited.

    Visitors who love we furred family are always especially welcome, aren't they?


  8. We love seeing your snuggly pictures - we see Vidock was giving #1 a smooch on her neck!
    Visitors who give you lots of attention are always welcome.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Oh how great! A lot of snuggling going on!! And how nice you got extra attention from Mr. L and Mr. R! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

  10. So glad efurryone has been getting and gifing lots of snuggles! Isn't it great when visitors love snuggles too?

  11. ooooh! EXTRA humans to snuggle up with are GREAT! We are going to have visitors next week to snuggle with, too!

  12. Tama, I can see that you and Bibi were reminding your human to keep away from the computer and take it easy today!

  13. We're so glad you enjoyed your visitors.
    What a lovely Sunday for the Poupounete Gang! Love.

  14. We are glad that everyone is getting snuggled well there. We are hanging out in the house today stealing toys as the Woman is moving stuff around.

  15. nuttin better than snuggling sunday
    Benny & Lily

  16. Woof! you really look have fun with your dad! more giggles and hugs! thanks for sharing your moments to us! keep it up! :)

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