Saturday, 6 August 2011

SEIturday Sulk

: I am not happy, not happy at all. I want my #1 back!

I am seriously contemplating writing a letter of complaint to the relevant authorities. I have my brushes and paper at the ready.


  1. Why? What happened? May I know who is your number 1? I am just curious.

    Nice photo by the way.

    Cassy from Guitar Scales For Beginners

  2. Of course you must complain. You are so entitled. And we can back you up. We hope you are throwing what the Britcats call a 'mega strop'. But we also have a sneaky feeling that your #1 misses you all like crazy and wishes she was with you to tend to your every whim and mood swing. In the meantime, it's only seventyeleven sleeps until she is back. And there are some seriously good cat toys available from the UK.

  3. Oh, Sei, we do know you are being well cared for in #1's absence. Humans do need to do these holiday things once in a while. We just have to "suck it up".

    But a letter to the authorities would be fun anyway!!

  4. Hope you get some good results quickly, Sei-Chan. We don't like it when our Mom goes away either. Hope #1 is back soon.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and ???

  5. We think all humans should be shackled to the kitchen table so they are ready with food, water, scritches and loves to order. This could cause a problem with #1 looking after Vidock of course!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. I hope she comes back soon!

  7. I don't blame you one bit! But I like your bed.

  8. we think its called child neglect or is it child abandonment!!
    Benny & Lily

  9. AGAIN!?!

    The cheek of your #1, abandoning you so heartlessly. Again.
    ::swishes tail indignantly::
    Sei-Chan, I will be there immediately and we'll compose your letter. And we can snuggle!
    I hope it will be OK if my tail gets in the gets into everything!
    XX Maui

  10. No kidding! It seems like she is always away - and when she comes back, she swears she won't go away for a long while... and then before you know it, she is gone again! I'm with you on the complaints!

  11. Goodness Sei, you're making an angry face! You DO mean business! Tell #1 we are all absolutely behind your request for her to come home. Treats and toys better accompany her!

  12. Bukhk Up Butterkhup ;-)

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Khats are SOOOOO dramatikh!

  13. Poor Sei-Chan. Maybe she will bring toys and treats back wif her. If not, break sumthing. xoxo

  14. I don't blame you, I would be writing a letter as well. Come back...come back!

  15. Yes, Sei-chan, please write a letter of complaint. Sometimes that is the only way to get satisfaction.

    I send virtual hugs and skritches to you!


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