Monday, 29 August 2011

Manly Monday

Bibi-Chan: For me, Manly monday could be expressed in just one word:


Yes, Dear Friends, I managed a successful escape yesterday. I was not out for long but I had a great time. I regret to tell you that my attempt to repeat the performance this morning was foiled by #1 who managed to hang onto my tail as I was sprinting past her. She apologised later.

Vidock: Here I am looking pretty cool and manly as I amble towards #1 to give her a cuddle:

Tom: Running through the wet fields, I did a magnificent job dyeing my legs a lovely shade of earth. Very manly, don't you think?

Gen-Chan: I have been discovering hammock life and I love it. I think it is super manly to loll...


  1. Viva Houbibi! That is indeed manly and we are cheering you on. And lolling is definitely manly when you are a cute little boycat. Jura is doing it a lot. But I am making sure I gently nuzzle him out of the way when I want to sit on Äiti.It is good to have her back...

  2. HOUBIBI!!!! OMC ! you had a successful escape !! and you look great outdoor !

    And Genji made me smile, he look pretty clam : )

  3. Can we come loll with you Gen-Chan. Arty is the escape artist here Bibi-Chan. Vidock Mommy would love to pet you. Tommy Fen would love to come turn his legs earth colored with you.

  4. Houbibi, you are a mancat after my own heart. Escaping is one of my favorite things to try (from the deck). dad usually foils my attempts but it is always on my mind to try.

    Genji, those frootbat ears are adorable!

  5. Houbibi, you are a mancat after my own heart! That is a beautiful portrait of you.

  6. Houbibi - how did you manage to escape again - is your tail longer now #1 grabbed you and pulled you back this morning?? Genji you do have the loveliest frootbats! Tommy perhaps you could set up a business selling that lovely earth shade dye to ladies who tint their furs! Vidock - we think you do ambling in a very manly way!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Great monday pics!!
    Hope your's day's been fantastic!


  8. Houbibi while we love your adventures we would be so upset if your human was upset because she couldn't find you!

  9. What beautiful boys! Your mum must be very proud! Great looks and lovely personalities! A blessed combination to be sure. Genji, you are getting more handsome by the day!
    Special note for Beebs: You look so happy and proud! If you must put to use your highly developed escape artist skills, please stay close to home. All would be crushed by your absence.
    All of our love your way for a happy day.

  10. where DO you find your fantastic hammocks!???! Happy Monday friends :-)

  11. HouBibi - naughty kitty = you are lucky #1 grabbed your tail - you can get into too much trouble out there in the big world - now stop that,and no teaching those tricks to Genji. Genji - you know how to make lolling look wonderful.

    Vidock doesn't have to do much of anything to look manly to us.

    And Tommy, anytime your legs are the color of earth is a funtime for sure.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. Wow, I just realized - there are twice as many guy four-legged creatures as girls in your family! That is a LOT of manliness!

  13. Okay Houdini no mre escaping! Genii might take over your territory
    Benny & Lily

  14. ACK! I hate the tail-grab method of restraint, Daddy calls it getting me by the "handle". He's an uncouth oaf...
    xx The Baby

    And the REST of us think you are all looking rather manly today!

  15. All of you are looking very manly and majestic! Great pics #1. Haf a great day.

  16. Great mancat pics! Houbibi, be careful please! We would all be so sad if you gotted lost.

  17. Oh Houbibi, mum has done that to me too. I slip out the door and she has grabbed my tail. Thankfully it has never come off.

    I am not as successful as you in getting out, so I won't even consider calling myself Houderby.

  18. HouBibi, dad calls my tail the Teddy Handle. He is always grabbing it as I run past.

    Teddy Westlife

  19. Glad to hear that you had a good time while you were free for a short time my friend. :)

  20. Looks like you all had a busy manly monday!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx


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