Saturday 21 November 2009

Welcome to SEITURDAY!

Sei-Chan: As Tommy was mentioning yesterday, this week has gone really fast! We have just been doing every day things, like hanging out in the cat run because the weather has been so mild and we have even had some sunshine.

Yuu-Chan and I also like to hang out on top of the radiator in #1's study, from where we have a great view on one of bird feeders:

By the way, I am on the left and Yuu-Chan is on the right. He has a more boyish build than my delicate girly self!

This morning, #1 decided that we should have some record of almost-boring every day stuff, so ... Ta Daaaaaa... here is a photo of me having my breakfast!

And finally for this Seiturday, I always put some time aside each day for a little meditation...

By the way, we would like to announce the happy conclusion of our camera repair saga. Sony did do the right thing in the end and repaired it under guarantee, and it came home yesterday!


  1. Every day stuff is good, very good. We're your admiring fans, eh furiends, and we want to know all about you. So, what did you have for breakfast? ; )
    It's great the camera is back.
    Many purrs, Siena & Chilli

  2. There is something comforting in ordinary, everyday things. Glad your camera is back and in working condition.

  3. Welcome home, camera. Your day is hardly boring. Eat, sleep, look out the window. What is more fun than that?


  4. We enjoy the everyday stuff, because different kitties do different everyday stuff to us.

  5. Yay about the camera.

    I mostly do everyday stuff, too, but like you, I often look cute doing it :-)

  6. We all do that regular stuff too but for some reason, your's seem much more exotic!

  7. Your everyday routine is highly relaxing for us humans.
    And so glad your camera is back home (I own one like this too...)

  8. Glad to hear that the weather has been nice enough for you to spend time in your run. Basking in the sun is always good. Hope your breakfast was delish.

    Your friend,

  9. Welkhome home khamera!

    Woo will soon have khytt khytt khyttens to khapture!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy...the khats are looking extra purrrrrrty today!

  10. Yum! Breakfast! Do you ever get so warm, sitting on the radiator, that you fall asleep? Have you gotten so relaxed that you fell OFF?! That happened to me, once. Okay, maybe more than once.

  11. Love the everyday stuff and great that Sony sorted the camera out.

    Thank you for your support re the soccer match - the country is in such a mess at the moment - between the recession and now the flooding and then to get knocked out of the World Cup! You would get very depressed listening to the news, reading the newspapers - we can't even get out for a walk with all the rain! So good to see such nice photos today - thank you!

    take care

  12. Youpi ! Virginia a retrouvé son appareil photo !!

  13. We're glad you got your camera back! Mom is scared to see the time fly by - just over a week until her first exam. And says she doesn't know a thing. ;)


  14. SeiChan
    I loved seeing you eating, and hanging out wif youw do have such a delicate gowgeous figoowe and he is all boy!!!
    That outdoow wun must be the best on a sunny day, of couwse a snuggly wadiatow is hawd to beat fow a good meditation and snooze
    smoochie kisses to all of you

  15. We love the meditation picture! And our mom is so silly. Of course Yuu-chan has a boyish figure and you have a girly one. She should really know better :D

    Can't wait to see how Tama-chan is doing...

    hugs to Tommy and you all.
    9 and Chani

    P.S. Thank you for the birthday wishes. We're so glad to be your friends too!

  16. It's important to keep up with the everyday stuff. Everycat needs some sort of routine.

  17. Hurray about the camera -- that is the kind I have too. We like everyday photos and I just loved the one of Sei-Chan eating -- so dainty!

  18. Does #1 let you eat at the table? You're so pawsh!

  19. We like to hear about your regular, everyday stuff - most days are made of that kind of things.

    It looks you are meditating deeply on something - world peace or is it what you want for dinner?

    Charlemagne and Tamar


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