Friday, 27 November 2009

Fun on Friday!

Yuu-Chan: Today, we have a meme and an award to share, and I will be your host! By the way, we did get to the vet yesterday. As promised, I sang to #1 all the way there and back (45 minutes each way) and have no idea why she called it "screaming blue murder." Doesn't she appreciate my voice? Once at the vet's, I purred non-stop and Dr. C fell in love with me! Tommy wiggled and jiggled his way through his appointment, in what is apparently his usual fashion!

So, the first meme is one that we think we have done before but it was a long time ago and I certainly wasn't around, maybe not even Sei-Chan, so we're doing again. It came to us from our friend Simba and is the "Honest Scrap" meme.

Since there are four of us and we are supposed to write about 10 things, this could be endless, so we’ll try to make it as short as possible by dividing up into categories.

Cuddles: Tommy loves to curl up next to #1 and Yuu-Chan loves to curl up ON #1. Tama-Chan only cuddles with Tommy and Uncle U, and Sei-Chan likes to be cuddled when she is asleep or half asleep.

Human Food: Tom is a real gentlemen and never bothers people when they are eating. We kitties sometimes gang up on #1 when she is having her meal, demanding our fair share (we get fed on the table, otherwise Tommy would eat our food). Yuu-Chan is the biggest pest at the moment, but he will probably grow out of it, as Sei-Chan did.

Our Food: Tom likes everything. Tama-Chan loves yoghurt, and soft cheese, raw chicken breast, and a little ham, and “Luvs” in addition to paté type cat food. Sei-Chan is more a fan of dry food but also loves ham. Yuu-Chan is a major carnivore and will throw himself on anything raw and gobble it up.

Play: Tom adores his Frisbee and tennis balls, and also sticks of wood that he either fetches or munches on. Tama-Chan is not much into playing at the moment. She loves to be out in the cat run, though. Sei-Chan and Yuu-Chan love to play with one another, lots of games of THoE and wrestling, but also anything dangly.

Sleeping arrangements: Tom sleeps on a dog bed right up against #1’s bed. Tama-Chan generally makes her own arrangements and does not reveal them to anyone. Sei-Chan often sleeps ON #1’s bed and Yuu-chan IN #1’s bed, but sometimes neither is to be seen all night.

The Cat flap into the run: Tama-Chan is basically refusing to learn how to use it. In line with her Princess status, she expects the flap to be opened for her. Sei-Chan and Yuu-Chan have figured things out.

THANKS, Simba!

We also feel very honoured to have received the new award created by Petey from our friends Virus, Hyssing and Bajas over at The Wrigglebutts

The idea is to honour five of our friends and ask them to pass it on to five of theirs, and so on and so forth... We would like to pass it on to the following

Our woofie friend Hero who, with his buddy Tagpi and his family, will be facing a big move from the Azores to the East Coast of the United States at the end of this year.

Our kitty friends Megat, Bujang, Akira, Totoro and Tanaka, collectively known as The Amigos, over at Cat Tales. They live in Singapore with their person, San. Megat has just gone into remission after a severe bout of lymphoma, and we think it's a good enough reason to celebrate!

Our wonderful lady cat friends Siena and Chilli whose every post fills us with delight!

The gang over at The Furry Kids (one woofie and two kitties) who always make us laugh with their antics.

All the gang over at Cory's blog (Lots of kitties and one big woofie!). We love all of your stories, not forgetting you, Grete!

We would like to say that we think ALL of our friends are a true blessing, and the above is just a small selection. We have a feeling that this award is going to be circulating quickly and that no one will be left out!

Happy Friday everyone! And Happy Shopping to our American friends!


  1. We like reading memes like this we're we are able to get to know our friends better. It makes us smile to think of Tama-Chan demanding that the cat flap is opened for her:)

  2. We love the Honest Scrap Meme! Those were interesting facts. Thank you for the awardie, we think you're a blessing too! Mom has refused to pass on or even blog about the awards we've gotten in the last weeks, but we'll put a big, big bitey on her. we agree with Forever Foster that it's hilarious the cat flap should get opened for Tama-Chan.

  3. Have you met the cats and woofie at this blog: ? They live in Japan and we've only met them, but think they are very nice.

  4. Thanks for sharing. You certainly have a complicated household.


  5. Well answered meme! Have a great weekend, guys!

  6. Yuu-Chan, you must be a very good singer!

    Whitey likes to sleep while touching Mom-at all times! It's not one of Mom's favorite things about Whitey! hahahaha!

  7. I'm thrilled that my Blessings Award is making its way around the globe! Imagine a world full of gratitude for one another. It's a little step, but maybe it will be like that butterfly wing that starts a typhoon.

    We loved your Honest Scrap - Mom and I need to come visit to catch up with everybody! Fingers crossed, maybe next summer...

    Your pals,

    Petey and Mica

  8. Your honest scrap is very interesting - I can see all four of you are individuals and don't just copy each other.

    Maybe Tama-Chan will feel more secure pushing through the cat flap once her "bloating" has receded - especially if she sees her kittens soing it one day!
    You probably covered this on your blog long ago, but I would find it interesting to know the origin of the -Chan in all the kitties' names.

  9. Tank woo fur sharing your VET trip!

    I think I heard the noise here!

    Khongrats on your awards!

    Woo shared some furry nice skhrap - I think there is the makings of a logikh problem in there!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  10. Hi Kitties and Tommy!

    I like your meme! The Honest Scrap award is fun. I've had it, too. You are all a furry unique family.

    Yuu-Chan, you must like to sing! I tend to mainly purr or be silent. I've been told I don't have a good singing voice. ;)

  11. That was a fun meme!! We learned some more about you!! And congrats on your award!

  12. I sing all the way to the vet, too, Yuu-Chan, although I don't think I could keep it up for 45 minutes!

    Thank you, Tama-Chan for my wonderful birthday pressie! I luv my new blankie - I've hardly moved from it since I opened the parcel!

  13. Hehe, Tama-hime-sama, you are definitely of the princess stature and attitude.

    Yuu-chan, I'm sure #1 appreciates your voice and Dr. C obviously has great taste in falling in love with you

    9 and Chani

  14. I really enjoyed reading all your answers to the meme! All of you have such unique personalities and quirks! Thank you for the award. Your friendship has been a blessing in my life as well!

  15. Aww, I bet it was a good song you sang.. these humans have strange taste is all.

  16. Congrats on your awards!
    And those are good 5 things especially the food!

  17. Thanks for thinking of us...we are laughing because Tama-Chan is like us. We have 2 cat flaps that go in to our litter box/laundry room. We refuse to use the flaps so mom has permanently propped them open.

  18. That was a very interesting meme...we love learning more about all of you!

  19. We love reading your meme. Its makes us feel that we know you true and through :)Fanks fur the award. We feel furry flattered so we told san to put all offur our awards from you in a special place. She says she will but we will have to see...hmmm

    Megat and the amigos :)


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