Monday, 23 November 2009

Manly Monday?

Tom: We're not at all sure how manly we are feeling today, having been informed by #1 that we are both going to the vet this afternoon. It seems I need my annual boosters and Yuu-Chan needs one more shot. Why don't the girls get to go?!

Anyway, I suppose we will be brave and think of manly things... This morning was wet, grey and windy, so we did not take any photos. But here are some from the past few days:

Yuu-Chan: I am resting up this morning as I have promised #1 that I shall sing to her all the way to the vet's and back.

Here are a couple of rather blurry photos of me at play:

#1 says I'm developing a nice physique. I wish I knew what that meant, but I think I look good for five and a half months!

Hoping your Monday is sunnier than ours!

PS: The vet just called to say she had an emergency and could we come on Wednesday instead. We have a reprieve, or is it a prolongation of the torture...?


  1. Holy cat you have to go to the v-e-t? That is terrible! You better get some treats for this.

  2. Doesn't sound like a bad trip to the vet. Just don't let them take your temperature and you'll be fine.


  3. Eeeek! Good luck at the vet, boys!

  4. Have a safe trip to the vet.
    That isn't fun at all.

    ViVi & AB

  5. Oh noes, try not to think of Wednesday! How long is that anyway?

  6. My mother's cat knew exactly what the word "Vet" meant, and she would hide as soon as she heard it.
    I remember especially a day when my mother opened the windows just before telling her cat she was going to the vet. Well, we had to postpone the appointment...

  7. Glad you get a reprieve. ~S,S,C & F

    PS: If you sit on the calendar Yuu-Chan #1 may not realize it's Wed. Tommy you are proably to big to sit on the calendar, but I am sure you could knock it off or something. ~Charybdis

  8. I hear she's pretty nice so it may actually be fun. Maybe?

  9. Try not to think about it.

  10. Whoa! How lucky is that! You get to stay home today!

    Bennette has to go in soon to the vet...she got a postcard in the mail!

  11. We understand that it's a mixed blessing when the v*t postpones an appointment.

    Yuu-Chan, yuu duu have an impressive physique, and we are sure you will grow up to be an impressive specimen of Aby-man cat.

    The sun's out here for now... rain later.

  12. Oh so you got a reprieve?? Sometimes we think it's better to just get it over with!!

  13. You sure look healthy running through the fields Tommy. I don't think that you need to go to the vet! If you have to go on Wed just make sure that #1 brings lots of treats with her. I never mind getting my shots if I get bits of cheese. Good luck!

    Your friend,

  14. Furry nice MANLY pikhs!

    The vet isn't a bad place - I usually get to say 'hi' to they khytties that khome in fur their visit!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Looking pawesome!

  15. I love to go to the vet. She's awfully nice and feeds me non-stop cookies and tells me what a handsome boy I am! I even wag my tail during my shot! We can't walk past the vet without me wanting to stop by and see Dr. D. Fortunately, that's where we get Mica's fancy kidney diet food so I get to go there almost every 3 weeks.

    Maybe you'd like the vet better if you went to Dr. D? Come on over!

    Your pals,

    Petey and Mica

  16. Wednesday is almost forever away, so I think it is a good delay!

  17. Yay for the reprieve! You manly ones are looking pretty good, you should not need the doctor, but those vaccinations are really important.

  18. Going to the V-E-T is scary! I shook the whole way the last time I went. I think it was because Chani wasn't with me, but please don't tell her. I have to keep her thinking that I'm totally brave and manly! I think you'll be fine, but I certainly don't envy you :(


    Marlene here, glad the picture arrived!

  19. prolonged tortue!! But at least it's just a regular vet visit!!!

    Now you guys can be super manly this monday!

    Woof Velcro and meow Kodak, 3 Perf and Blossom

  20. Thanks for visiting me. I will think about your advice.. I would love to be your friend. The vet isn't that bad..well it depends what they do. I purr for you.

    Harry Spotter

  21. I think you are both lucky that you have a couple more days before you have to go in!

  22. V-e-t visits aren't fun! But at least yoo get a reprieve for a few days!!

  23. Thanks for visiting today! It is always nice to see all. I will visit and yes that will increase the international friends. I was going to ask if you all speak French?
    That was a good move, did you all pay someone to call and reschedule the vet visit? Good idea if you did.
    We had the same weather here today as you did. How strange is that since we live so far away.

  24. Love the last picture of Tommy in the mists of the meadow. What a gorgeous pup!
    Anticipation can be fun or long as you're going in for maintenance and not a worries!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  25. As much as I enjoy Manly Monday, I'm really looking forward to Mummy Monday!

  26. Vets can be quite nice you know! I love our vet but Tinkerbell does have serious issues with him!!

    Raining here still .... will it never end!!

    take care

  27. Well, a delay is good in some ways but by now it would probably already be over. Hope you both get good reports and hope the exam is painless and comes with lots of good treats.

    woos, the OP Pack

  28. Yeah, two days of torture waiting!

  29. We don't like vet visits. Try not to think about it.


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