Thursday 26 November 2009

Thanksgiving With Tama-Chan

Tama-Chan: We would like to wish all of our American friends a wonderful Thanksgiving. Even though it is not a holiday here in France, we are with you in spirit. #1 asked me to say how thankful she is for all of us, a comfortable roof over our heads, and many warm and wonderful friends. Tom is grateful for his Frisbee, his tennis ball, his kitties, and his #1. Sei-Chan is grateful for her new playmate, Yuu-Chan, and that #1 finally realised how much she loves ham. Yuu-Chan is grateful for his Forever Home, and the mountains of cuddles he gets.

As for me... I am also grateful for a lovely home and a great family, but I must tell you that I am feeling a tad uncomfortable at the moment. The "bloating" is not going away and I am even beginning to have trouble jumping up onto high places. #1 says all will be well and we hope that, by this time next week, I will be purring non-stop and have lots to be very grateful for. What could it be?

There has been a flurry of activity going on in the back room. A very special box has been prepared, apparently for me! In keeping with my status as a princess, it is baby blue and comes from a certain famous New York establishment...

It still doesn't explain the weight gain...

Or the sweet dreams I have been having...

Oh well... I guess I shall have to trust #1 on this, and she says it's just a few more days...


  1. WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're SQUEEEEEEEing our heads off over here, and the surprises haven't even arrived. When they get here, you'll need earplugs all the way over in France to protect your hearing from us:)

  2. I too can't wait until THE day! wonder how many, and what colors.
    Wonder too if you'll use that Tiffany box indeed or choose some other weird place :-)
    In the meantime, lot of hugs to you and sibblings.

  3. The Tiffany Box is PURRfect!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you as well, all the way over there in France. Even though it is an American holiday, it does have a universal appeal, doesn't it?

  4. And we are thankful to have all of you as our blogging friends from France. Take care of yourself girl. Can't wait for your interesting event next week.

    Your friend,

  5. I think you are dreaming of what is in that box? Could be anything oh so interesting and fun.
    We are getting ready for turkey day at our house. If you want to stop back and grab some good food the door is open.

  6. I can't wait to see the babies!!

  7. We can't wait to see when your secret pops ;)

    PS: We gave you an award!

    The WriggleButts

  8. That is a most appropriate box for a princess such as yourself.


  9. Dear friends, we are so thankful to have met you. We love to follow your adventures and look forword to your posts every day. Tama-Chan, we think we know now what happened to you. Is it possible you'll get kittens? And that stylish box is supposed to be your nest?
    Mom is also thankful that Siena is back home. She disappeared for 2,5 hours today, the longest she's ever been away. Not responding to calls, to treat rustling, nothing. Mom searched the whole neighbourhood. We have no idea where the little escapista has been.

  10. Tama-Chan,
    You are very lucky to have #1 as your personal photographer !
    Nice pictures of a nice cat !

  11. Oh how exciting! You deserve that Tiffany box, Tama-Chan!!

    Thank you for being our furiends!

  12. That nesting box is the BEST! We are thankful you are our furriends. We wish we could be there to see the litle surprises in the fur, but we will settle for pictures. Just know that if you hear loud rumbly's my momma Ellie. She goes over the edge where kittens are concerned.

  13. Hmmmmh...We've heard it is common to gain weight around the holidays. That must be it. We think your new Tiffany box is a lovely nest. We are looking forward to seeing if you might be sharing it with some tiny roommates.

  14. That nesting box is almost equal to your exquisiteness, Tama-chan. Perfect nesting box for you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone. We're so happy to be your friends!

    9 and Chani & hugs from Marlene

  15. So much to be thankful fur!

    Tank woo fur sharing all of yours with us!

    We appreciate the greetings from 'khross the pond!

    I'm getting sooooo excited to see the yum I mean um khytties!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  16. OMC!! How wonderful!! We can not wait to see what its goin to be all about. The mom says she knows but wont tell. *sigh*

    Happy Thanksgiving! We is goin to relax while the mom runs around cookin. She promised Mooch (the stray kitteh) some turkey too!

  17. Happy Turkey Bird day to all!!



    Oh we are so cited about your upcoming furry friends. Take care sweetie!

  18. Oh, oh - it looks like you've introduced yourselves to us at such an exciting time, we're thrilled to have found you just prior to this momentous occasion! We'll be counting the days - hope it's not more than 4 though as we run out of paws at that number, he he! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  19. Thank you for the nice Thanksgiving banner! We are so grateful to have you as friends and we are always to delighted to see the wonderful pictures of what you have been doing. That nest box is absolutely perfect for you, Tama-Chan, because you are indeed a Princess. (#1, don't you think you should explain to Tama-Chan what is going to happen, so she won't be very very surprised?)

  20. OMC! Has #1 bought you diamonds?!!

    I think you look very sexy being a little more voluptuous. Gives me more to snuggle with!

  21. We're getting very excited! Can't wait to see what happens in a few days!

    love and woofs
    Clive and Murray

  22. we have really been missing out on the news, but we are guessing that Tama-Chan is going to put baby kitties in the tiffany box. our mom told us that wonderful things come in those tiffany boxes, so there will be wonderful kitties, we are guessing.

    happy thanksgiving to you kiddos.


  23. Ooo, if it is kittens you can give them sparkley names befitting the box!

  24. I didn't know they made those fancy blue boxes in such a big size. It is a fitting house for you Tama-chan.

  25. Oh, how exciting - we were wondering how much longer. You sure will be hosting your surprises in a lovely home - nothing but the best from Tiffany's. We are very thankful for all that we have too, and especially grateful to have you as our friends.

    Happy Thanksgiving from the OP Pack

  26. How exciting!!!! We can't wait to see the early Christmas presents that will arrive in that magical blue box.

    Happy Thanksgiving! We're so grateful to count you as our friends!

    Your pals,

    Uncle Petey and Uncle Mica

  27. Oh,friends! I'm thankful for you, too! I love to see your faces and read of your days. Tama-chan, darlin', I wonder if your tum feels rumbly sometimes? My goodness, I don't think I'll be able to wait and see!

  28. How cute they are
    in the seasonal greeting.
    (*^▽^*) ♪
    I have the baby-blue-box is
    interested in.

  29. Happy Thanksgiving to you.
    Tama we trust you.

    ViVi & AB

  30. Oh my, we are waiting to see why you are gaining weight!

  31. What a very exciting time. We can hardly wait!!!! #1 must be beside herself!!

    Glad to see your suite has been lovingly prepared, Tama-Chan. A gorgeous little spot!


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