Thursday, 23 April 2009

Tommy on Thursday : Tama-Chan Needs YOUR Vote!!!!

Tom: Today is my day to blog but I am leaving my own news until later to start by urging you to vote for Tama-Chan in Misha's Kitty Fight Club contest quarter final if you have not yet done so, or perhaps round up your friends!  Tama-Chan is a shy little thing and would never dream of asking anyone for anything, but I think she is the cutest kitten ever and I am really sad that she is not doing better in this. Every time she pulls ahead by a few votes, her opponent somehow gets 30 or 40 votes in one go. We live in the French countryside and our #1 works from home, so we can't rustle up colleagues to vote, and we're not on Twitter which appears to have become a key canvassing tool. So, that leaves us with YOU, dear friends. Could you give us a hand and spread the word? The link is underlined above. You have until midnight tonight eastern time or 6am tomorrow morning European time to vote.

To thank you here is a cute kitten pic of Tama-Chan in the right mood:

Now ME!!!! I bet you've missed getting news of me, with all the focusing on pussycats these past few days. I must say the little red miss is hilarious. She's coming closer to me all the time so I am hopeful we can start playing together soon.

I am happy to report that, despite the focus on the girls, and the fact that she has been sick for the last 10 days (horrible cold turning into a sinus infection), #1 has made sure I still got all my home-cooked meals, cuddles and runs. We have been going to the castle in the mornings and it is just amazing how the trees have grown green and lush in just a few days!

I have been indulging in my usual gallops around the moat:

I have also been playing with the Chuck-it in the field. As the weather gets warmer, it's important to have the right rest and recovery strategy. With the grass growing long and lush, there is nothing better than a cool bed of green  to get your breath back!

And in the evenings, after a good day of playing and running...

I wish I could invite my good friend Addie over to spend a little time with us and run around and play with me. She is on a diet at the moment but with the amount of running we do around here, she wouldn't have to be!


  1. Ahhhhh!

    I got soooo furry khomfy looking at that last shot!

    I pawed my vote...and I will woo out the word!

    Hugz&Khysses Handsome!

  2. Hi Tama-Chan,

    We were just wondering what kind of medicines you got for your skin issues, as we are wondering what the doctor might say about my little red spot.


    Cloud (& Niko)
    P.S. Wonderful pictors too!

  3. Tama-Chan, you surely show the right mood for Kitty Fight Club! We had the brilliant idea of purrchasing more computers to vote from, but mom says "no"! Hrmpf. I we lose our battle we shall have a special party anyways. Gonna go down with my floofy tail up high!
    Tam, one day we would love to visit you and be shown around by you. Your walkies sound like so much fun! Yay for Sei-Chan getting closer every day!
    Purrs, Siena
    P.S.: Poor #1, that's horrible! We hope she's all better already!

  4. Okay, quite a lot of spelling errors there - we still know you're not called Tam, Tama-Chan... Silly human!

  5. I put this up on MY Twitter

    And asked that your sisfur get a vote!


  6. I have voted Tama-Chan! These battles are tough...especially for those of us that don't have twitter accounts! I wish you the best of luck! Tommy, I think it is very nice of you to help your sister with her contest!

  7. So nice to have news from you Tom. It's a beautiful place you live and we love the pictures - wish we could have a woofie like you ;-)

    Tama-Chan, naturally we voted for you and we'll round up our friends to get you some more votes. You're the cutest kitty!

  8. Vote 1, Tama-Chan!

    Tommy, your walks look like the best. #1, we hope you are feeling better very soon!

  9. You're a very nice brother Tom, to ask everyone to vote for your sister. We dropped in and voted, and it's very close. Both Tama-Chan and Samson were lovely cute kittens. We're going to send some purrs to your #1 so that she gets better really soon. You look like you're having such fun outside in the photos, that we're not surprised that you're tired out at the end of the day.


    Gypsy & Tasha

  10. Of course I'm voting for you, Tama-Chan! What kind of friend would I be if I did not? Best of luck in winning the contest!

  11. Not good for the mom. Our mom just did the cold-into-sinus thing. Get those antibiotics and finish them all. We are off the check out that voting.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  12. Tom I think you lead the perfect life for a woofie. You are so lucky!!! We keep on voting for Tama Chan because she probably is the cutest kitten EVER.


  13. You look very cute in the photo Tama-Chan! :)


  14. Hi Tom

    We voted yesterday and tried to vote today again - just in case it would let us - but it didn't! However, the little man's sister is putting the word out to her friends so hopefully they'll vote too!

    That grass looked lovely!

    lots of woofs

  15. Tom, you seem like the most happy and friendly dog! I like that about you. Good luck to Tama-Chan! She's pulling closer!

  16. I'm jealous of your countryside! I would love to visit or even live in that area. Pity that I can't speak French :(

    At any rate, I made sure to ask a few friends to vote for you and Siena!

    Best of luck.

  17. Tama-Chan, I've linked from my blog to your in hopes that my small but faithful crowd will votes for you! Regardless of the results, you certainly are THE cutest in the battle.

  18. I've retweeted Khyra's tweet! Tama-Chan's clawing back the lead. This is getting so exciting!

    Are you looking after your Mummy, Tommy? She'll need lots of snuggles from you!

  19. You look very comfy there, Tommy!

    I hope the little red miss isn't an ear chomper - yours look very chompable. If I was into that sort of thing. :)

    Your pal,

  20. I voted for Tama-Chan, not because you asked, but because it was the OBVIOUS choice. ;o)

  21. Isn't the suppawt from our furriends the best thing about this contest? Purrs, Siena

  22. WE also thinks Miss Tama-Chan is one of the most beautiful kitties, but we would never vote one against the other.. as much as we loves you guys we does not think it's right.. we loves all our friends equally :))
    Now Mr Tom... you has THE best life.. how green and beautiful it is.. and I bet that grass is just as nommy to eat! :))

  23. I thought the first rule of Fight Club was that you don't talk about Fight Club!

  24. Tom, those are gorgeous pictures of the place you go for runs. The trees and grass are so lush and green. We love the picture of you running! We hope #1 feels better soon. We just placed our KFC vote.


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