Monday, 20 April 2009

The Big Day

#1: Well, gentle readers, yesterday was the big day when Sei-Chan was finally released into the rest of the house to meet her siblings and start settling in to her new life. So, late afternoon, she bade a sad farewell to her Mama, Viña del Mar:

We temporarily put Tama-Chan in Tom's large Vari-Kennel, and put Tom outside, so that Sei-Chan could start to explore in peace. She was pretty spunky as she began to discover the big house:

When we eventually released Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan seemed quite unphased by her, despite being hissed and growled at. She continued going about her explorations, all the while keeping an eye on Tama-Chan. Actually, it was Tom's arrival that proved to be more of an issue as Sei-Chan is totally unused to dogs and he is rather large. She ran for her life, finding refuge in the back room where she had been living the past 8 weeks.

Last night, on Uncle U's advice, I put Tama-Chan in the back room where the girls had been, and took Sei-Chan into bed with me. She cuddled in nicely and had a good night. This morning, we are seeing pretty much the standard meet and growl pattern. Tama-Chan is clearly fascinated by her but also a little scared. Remember that Tama spent over a week hissing, growling and screaming at Sen-Chan when she first arrived, even though he showed absolutely no aggressiveness towards her. As for Sei-Chan, she knows how to growl back and appears very intrepid. So, we have had some nice hell kitty moments:

Tom, on the other hand, has been doing a great job at winning over Sei-Chan and she is already a lot less scared of him. He just sits perfectly still as she gets closer, so she can see he is no threat.

I am sure the next few days will see quite a bit of hissing between the two girls, but things seem to be going relatively well. We'll keep you posted!

A big thank you to all of you who have voted for Tama-Chan in Misha's Kitty Fight Club Quarter Final. The competition with Samson has been very, very tight and we will be needing even more votes to win this one! You have until Friday to vote.


  1. Mom is smiling at the EVIL HISSING KHYTTY shots! In her mind, she khan hear the lovely exchanges too!

    Oh Tommy! What am I going to do with woo?!?

    I'm glad it went about as well as it khould!

    Khongrats! Of khourse, we khan't WAIT to hear more tales of the tails!


  2. Girls are always the difficult ones! I'm sure Sei-Chan and Tama-Chan will soon love each other! And Tommy is already making up with the little girl!

  3. You are two sweet girls little Princesses...

    ViVi & AB

  4. Hi Tom kun, Tama chan and Sei chan!

  5. Plenty of kisses from Viña del Mar...

  6. Tommy, you should write a book on woofie-kitty relations. We think you are wonderful!

    Girls, we so loved the hissy photos. We see a bit of that around here, and it always makes mum giggle.

  7. Awww. Tommy's such a good fellow, I don't think any of us kitties could help but be friends with him. The girls, tho'-I'm sure they'll work it out..'Llulah and I did! Did anycat make a poofy tail?

  8. I think you have your own Kitty Fight Club happening at home! Tom, you're a real stand-up guy to be so nice to the little one. I wish I could treat our puppy the same way.

  9. Our mom was so excited by the pictures because they reminded her of our own introduction to each other! We all know you are going to have great fun in the future, it's just a little intimidating for both of you right now.

    Tom is so gallant. We admire his approach to Sei-chan, although we know we could never be so patient ourselves.

    Abby & Stygia

  10. What a confident little kitten Sei-Chan is! Be careful that she doesn't take over the house completely. I can't wait to see when you are all getting along and snuggling up together.

    Your friend,

  11. Goodness, where did that snuggle kittie go? That hissing business is pretty scary looking! Does it sound as scary as it looks??

    Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzaBella

  12. Tom, you are such a good-natured dog. I am proud of you. I hope little Sei-Chan and Tama-Chan settle down soon. Introductions are stressful!

  13. Glad to hear its going well, sounds like everything is normal with those reactions to each other. It takes a couple weeks or even months in my experience.

    Thanks for the update and the pictures!

    Wags and purrs,
    The ThoughtsFurPaws furkids

  14. You know the only time I think I've growled or hissed was when I first met Kaze. Nice to see the little lady hissing right back, I'm sure they will be best friends soon.


  15. Sei-chan certainly shows some spunk there! Tom, you are wonderfully patient. Tama-chan, can't wait to see pics of you and Sei-chan snuggling :)

    9 and Chani

  16. those are great mean kitty photos. they look like wild beasts. we are impressed.

    we're happy to hear that Tom is such a good cat-dog and that Sei-Chan is already getting used to him. Tommy, you are a good boy!!!

    kitties are quite different at socializing than us dogs. we can give each other a good sniffing and then we are friends. it's funny that cats have to hiss to each other before they can be friends.


  17. Great pictures! Sei-chan is a little French lady, getting ready to take a chomp out of that loaf of bread. The hissing pictures (with snakelike fangs showing) have their own soundtrack in our household because Sylvie is constantly hissing and growling at Gingy. However, we are quite sure that in your family's case, it won't be long at all before Tama-chan and Sei-chan become good friends! And that Tom is every cat's dream...gentle (and soft to cuddle with) and patient. Good luck to you all! We will eagerly await daily updates.

  18. ooh, a hissy fit! We see Sei-Chan has no problem returning the hisses and growls! Spunk. She haz dat!

    Tommy, you are sweet, sweet, sweet!

    -Gandalf and Grayson

  19. I'm suwe the giwls will wowk it out..I'm so pwoud of Tom, what a love he is. Sei chan Welcome to the biggew wowld
    smoochie kisses
    pee ess can I vote again?

  20. We bet the situation is quite the same as when we got introduced. Even concerning the age! We settled down after a week. Mom will never forget the moment when Siena walked to "her" yellow kitty bed at the window to find Chilli in it, deliberated a moment and then settled down next to her. Like everyone we are sure that you two will get along brilliantly in no time. And big purrs to Tommy who is such a purrfect dog! Those hissy picture are quite impressing. We were hissing the first 1,5 days and then switched to growling. That was fun! ; )
    Good nerves to #1!
    Purrs to all, Siena & Chilli

  21. 5 years on and Cosmo still hisses and growls at me!

  22. Those look like askeery hisses! Tom, you're doing a great job!

    Your pal,

  23. Oh my, it is sad to lose your mama. And it looks like you are having the same kind of get to know you like we did with Chester! Chester was scared at first of Bear too but then wanted to play with him. Who is eating bread at your house? Kinda like Chester too?

  24. Tama, I still hiss at Troo and he's been here since October of last year. It's okay I fink to show yoo is top cat.

    ~ Molly ~

  25. The hissing is to figure out who is the boss! It will work out OK soon.

  26. What a big day for all of you. Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan are showing some pretty fierce looks at each other. I'm sure all three of you will be having snuggle-fests in no time.

  27. Exiting times in your house! It's a good thing that you are a confident kitty, Sei-Chan. You and Tama-Chan will get along fine in time. And Tom, we'd just love to have a dog like you - both handsome and sweet.

  28. Those are some big hissies happening! We're sure that it won't take too long for Sei-chan and Tama-chan to become fast friends and we hope little Sei-chan won't miss her mama too much.

    Tom, you are sure being a great big non-scary brother to Sei-chan!

    Charlemagne and Tamar


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