Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Wednesday Whinnies With Violette

Violette: Pretty neighs, everyone! How are you all? I have so much to tell you!

Last Saturday, this nice lady, Ms. C, came to get me in my field:

There was this big truck I had to get into:

And when we got to where we were going, I made the most amazing new friend, Her name is Samia and she is so sweet:

There is also this guy, Rudy. I think he likes me!

One of the other girls, Ursula, got jealous and chased me all around the field. But I could canter faster then her!

#1 came to see me the next day, so I knew I hadn't been abandoned. And then it started snowing, but #1 braved the snow and she came to see me again yesterday!

I was so happy to see her I went right over to her and Ms. C!

#1 said I looked like a snow princess!

They took me out of the field:

And they put some work gear on me!

And then we went out along the lane! They call this long-reining, apparently!

Ms. C kept telling #1 that I was so beautiful, and that I was a really good girl! I think she likes me. A lot! So I did my best for her. This is #1's favourite photo:

Afterwards, I got treats, both from #1 and from Ms. C!

I think I am really going to enjoy being here! Aside from Samia, I have another new friend. Her name is Doupette. She is the black mare on the right in this photo:

#1 told me that she met Doupette several years ago, when Ms. C had only just bought her, and she really liked her. Now I like her too! 

I am looking forward to learning lots of new things, and #1 is too! She has promised to come and see me at least twice a week!

We still have lots of snow. It took #1 quite a long time to get home last night, but she did fine!


  1. yes you are the most beautiful snow princess violette!
    we have snow too, that is a challenge for the breton sunshine drivers (including the mama lol)

  2. Looks like you are at a really nice place Violette. You have lots of company and we think you will have fun there too :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. You ARE a snow princess, Violette! Good luck with your lessons - I know you will do really, really well!

  4. You really are quite the beauty!

  5. Violette, you are beautiful! Glad you are having fun despite the snow. All the pics are awesome!


  6. You are looking great Miss Violette. We're glad to hear you have made some new friends and are doing well at your lessons.

  7. You look stunning, Violette! Glad you have some new friends, but it's nice that #1 brings treats to you too.

  8. You are one beautiful Snow Princess, Violette. We love the snow. We are happy to see how happy YOU are and how well you are doing. We are also very happy to hear that #1 made it both ways in the storm and is now back home safely.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  9. You are a beautiful snow princess, Violette ! We're glad you have new friends and you're doing so well. Purrs

  10. Violette. Have you gone to another home then? Shall we not see you much any longer?

  11. Oh goodness, that little Samia is so adorable and she likes you! What a dear friend she’ll be. Rudy and Doupette too. We pray you are happy and loved in your new environment. Stand strong with Ursula. Let her know that no matter how sweet and gentle you are, you are NOT a mare to be pushed around.

  12. You are a true Snow Queen in that photograph Violette. Such a beautiful girl! We hope you love your new digs and that you learn many new things :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  13. Violette you will always be my favorite lady Percheron. You were so gracious to share your rescue story with me some years ago. So heart warming to see you sweet girl

  14. Jolie Violette je ne ferais pas d’anthropomorphisme....donc contente ou pas d'apprendre de nouvelles choses ..
    Mais ce qui est sure c'est que tu es une Princesse des neige. C'est très joli comme décor. Ca te va bien.
    Tu as de la chance d'avoir autant de nouveaux amis, en particulier l’âne. J'adore les ânes.

  15. Your new little friend Samia is very cute. I am glad you are being a good girl for Ms.C. You do look like a snow princess.


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