Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Guess what, Dear Friends? It is snowing here! I know that's hardly a novelty for many of you, but we don't get much snow around here so it's a big deal for us! #1 is a little worried because she is supposed to go and see Violette this afternoon and isn't sure she'll be able to. But she does have one of those big 4-wheel drives (a VW Touareg), so maybe she will be OK.

Anyway, I have continued to work hard on looking cute at every opportunity.

I am rather pleased with this head tilt shot:

#1 says she really likes the way I have tucked in my paws in this one:

And here is one in a bit of a sunpuddle!

 Don't forget to come and visit us tomorrow when Violette will be updating on her move, new location and new friends!




  1. we have snow too! but just some flakes what will hopefully not stay ;O)))

  2. Tama, you really do not have to work at being cute...you already are cute!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. No work needed being cute , dear Tama. It comes very naturally to you.
    Your mum’s car will do wonderfully in the snow. She needs to watch out for the crazy drivers who ignore the weather conditions but speed about madly anyway.
    Is Tommy enjoying the snowfall?

  4. You are totally adorable sweet Tama! Snow? YUCK!

  5. We bet Tommy will love the snow, just like we do, but tell #1 to be careful driving. We hope Violette is doing well. That toe tuck and head tilt make us smile.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  6. You've earned your naps, Tama...all of that energy spent in looking adorable! I love the photo of your snow; we are so used to it now, and there is more coming.

  7. Napping sounds like a good plan on days like this. We hope #1 has winter tires. Purrs

  8. it sure is pretty there....but we thinking napping is the right idea

  9. You are very sweet, Tama-Chan. Your tucked in paws make it look like you are hugging yourself.

  10. You are sooo adorable, Tama-Chan! Please tell #1 to stay safe on the road. We don’t have lot of snow here, either, and people get into all kinds of accidents with just a little snowfall. And stay warm, efurryone!

  11. You look so peaceful in all your pictures Tama-Chan. We bet Tommy will love playing in the snow.

  12. Tama, you look adorable today. Enjoy that snow...and we hope you don’t get too much. :)

  13. Coucou Tama,
    Lorsque le temps devient froid, humide, ou neigeux, la meilleure chose à faire est de se trouver un coin confortable et au chaud. Tu as la bonne méthode.
    Bonnes siestes.


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