Saturday, 3 February 2018

Supportive SEIturday

Sei-Chan: One week ago, I was counting down to my 9th birthday. You were all so kind in helping me celebrate last Sunday. Since then, I have had a nice week, and we even had a few sunpuddles the last couple of days!

I think I have mentioned in the past that I like to sit in the comfy dome which is on the landing in our house:

What happens is this: On her way up the stairs, #1 stops when her head is eye-level with me and then... she covers me with kisses!!! 

She says I am completely irresistible! 

Here is my proof that we had actual sunpuddles:

She caught me when I was having a quick spruce-up. 

Now, you may be wondering what my title is all about. You all know my big sister, Violette (she's actually two and a half months younger than me, but that's another matter). Well, today, Miss Violette is going off on a little training course. A very nice lady, Ms. C, is taking her home and will be working with her for a couple of months. Violette has been a little ornery of late and Ms. C is going to figure out how to make her happy again. So, if you could all cross your paws that she is happy over there and that all goes well, we would all be most grateful. I am sure she will tell you more about it all next week. Of course, #1 will be visiting her regularly as she will only be about three quarters of an hour's drive away.

#1 says it will be strange to have neither The Big V nor Violette nearby, but at least she still has Heloise, Hotesse and Doucette to cuddle!


  1. Paws crossed that Violette's training goes well!

  2. You sure look so happy in your sunpuddles! I hope you get your happy back beautiful Violette!

  3. You love your sun puddles like me Sei Chan. And crossing paws lovely Violette gets her calm on soon

  4. Of course you are irresistible, Sei-Chan. We bet it would be impossible for #1 to pass you by without a smooch or two.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. You ARE totally irresistible Sei-Chan! Good think MK isn't there. No. 1 would have competition for who smooches you most!

    Purrs and happy late birthday pretty lady!


  6. Coucou Sei,
    C'est sure que tu es irrésistiblement mignonne dans ton "nid".
    Je ne sais pas si tu aimes ça , mais je trouve que les bisous c'est super agréable .

  7. You are irresistible, Sei-Chan. I hope you do well with your training Violette, although I have to say that this terrible weather makes me feel ornery too! I hope I don't get sent off on a training course!

  8. You do look irresistible in your cute covered bed. We hope Miss Violette will learn to be happy again and have our paws crossed for her.

  9. Best wishes for Violette and purrs she finds her "happy" again.
    Sei, we always thought you were a sweet,irresistible kitty!!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  10. Sun puddles? Ever lucky. We were supposed to have 'em today and, I think, there may have been an odd one or two this mornin', but by late afternoon it was snowin' again. Or maybe it was just blowin' snow and cloudy. Not sure, actually. Our weather has been so weird. PURRS.

  11. #1 is right, you are sooo irresistible, Sei-Chan!
    We hope Violette will regain her happy self! xo

  12. Yes, kisses, I loves to get kisses from mum. So Violette has to go back to school? She needs her manners renewed.

  13. Irresistibly delightful!
    Hope all goes well. Do you think Violette is lonesome or bored?

  14. Maybe Violette is missing the Big V! But most mares are "distracted" during the spring and summer. I am sure working hard will help cure that problem. And Sei, I would cover you with kisses too!

  15. Sei-Chan, as long as you don't need a towel to wipe off all of those #1 smooches! Hoping Violette enjoys her time away, and that #1 won't pine too much for either her or Vidock.


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