Thursday, 16 July 2015

Tommy Thursday

Tommy: Woofs, Everyone! It's pretty warm again over here and #1 is curtailing my ball-chasing time somewhat. It's a bummer but I am adapting. You know, I am pretty good at relaxing too!

On balance, though, I do prefer to be running around the fields, sniffing all the good smells:

And occasionally rolling around on the grass:

Overall, though chasing the ball remains best of all!

By the way, several of you were wondering what I had in my mouth in the Manly Monday post. Some even thought it was a candle. In fact, it was several disposable cups! Do you see them better in this one?


  1. It is a bummer to be indoors when the day is nice but when it's too hot, it's best. Were you cleaning up the day of the disposable cups ?

  2. I hope the weather cools down enough for some ball-chasing!

  3. We had some pretty warm days this week too
    and we did not do a lot of running around.
    We still did not have temps as hot as yours.
    As a matter of fact we are expecting a week of temps
    in the low 20C range! That will be a big change.
    Hope it cools a bit so you can get back to your field Tommy :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. bummer about the heat, but glad you are staying safe....hope it cools off again soon

  5. Way hot is no fun at all, but that is a nice looking cup Tommy!

  6. Just proves that anything can be a toy, hehe! :)

  7. Yes, I was one of the ones wondering what was in Tommie's mouth. Now I see. I guess he was thirsty!

  8. We are really missing our outside time too, but it is just too darn hot to be out there for any longer than a potty break. Mom does try to get us a couple of short walks, but there never seems to be a really "cool" time.

    We have to agree that good relaxation takes a lot of practice:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  9. Tu as du courage Tommy d'aller courir dans les prés quand il fait chaud.
    Ici tout le monde est cuit.
    Il n'y a que moi qui me réveille en fin de journée quand il fait un peu moins chaud.
    C'est agréable de se rouler dans l'herbe... tu devrais essayer aussi les débris végétaux ... le pied.

  10. We hope the temperature cool down very soon ! Isn't it itchy or scratching when you roll on the dry grass, Tommy ? Purrs

  11. It has got hotter here too. I still want to go in the fields like you Tommy, but my mum and dad make me wait until the evening.

  12. Tommy! Our Hairy Slobbery Sister Cinnamon agrees with yous! Mes thinks that she is the only one happy that wes in Calgary. It is about 10-20 degrees (C) cooler here than in Midway and mes is FREEZING. Cinny is happy! She can run and chase and wants to goes and plays ball and she does NOT want goes back to the hots (except she LOVES her daily swims there.
    But before she knows it, it will be fall and cool!
    And Tommy, Cinny thinks yous is furry handsome!

  13. We hope it cools down so you can go out and catch your ball, Tommy.

  14. What a gentleman woofie you are, Tommy. We are impressed that you carry extra cups in your mouth for convenience!
    Stay cool!


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