Monday, 27 July 2015

Manly Monday

Vidock: Studly Neighs, EveryFriend! So, you want to hear how I came to be on French network TV last week? Well this is what happened. The museum where #1's photo exhibition is on received a call, requesting an interview from FR3, one of France's pubic network channels. They came last Monday and the interview went very well, But then, the reporter asked if he could come and see us horses for real and maybe include us in the very short snipped (only one minute and forty five seconds). So, #1 brought him to our farm and he was so impressed by me that he didn't even go to see Violette. To be honest, he said there really would be no time to include both of us.

This shows you the newscaster introducing the interview:

And this is a little bit later:

I was extremely well behaved throughout. Mr. C very kindly gave #1 a hand with me as I have been known to be a little bit naughty.

I definitely deserved that treat bucket!

Tommy: I got to try out a new Italian restaurant last week, with #1 and one of her Japanese friends. They welcomed me very warmly!

And they even brought me a bowl of water:

Da Beebs: Here I am, giving #1 moral support as she was eating one evening in front of the TV:

And in this one, I was hanging by #1's bed one evening. I think it's a pretty romantic shot, don't you?

Genji: I have been spending some time at the top of the cat tree in the litchen (when Queen Tama isn't around, that is):

And #1 took this close-up, big nose shot of me. Would have been a great selfie, don't you think?

#1 here. Do any of you remember our buddy Tora-Chan? He stayed with us for a little while in early 2010 as we found him a Forever Home, and he was looked after so sweetly by Yuu-Chan:

That was then. Tommy and I went to visit him at the weekend and we were glad to see him in great form:

And as you can see in the photo, he has two kitten siblings. They are brothers and are mega-cute!

Don't they remind you of our old friends, Raymond and Busby?!


  1. Vidock, you are famous :)
    Beebs, we like your romantic shot.
    Tora-Chan's siblings do look like Raymond and Busby!
    Yup, they are mega cute too.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. Wow, Vidock, I'm so impressed! Great job! Do they let kitties in restaurants in France too? Maybe I should make the trip!

  3. So COOL that you have been on the TV , Vidock !
    My mom-person say´s she wish she lived in France there they let pets into the restaurants :)


  4. That is so very cool Vidock and we're all proud of you! We love all of the photos today and the little kittens sure are cute!

  5. Oh my! We have a pair of "mini-me" kittens in Europe! Thank you for remembering us! We are still here, just not blogging due to our human working full time. (whatever THAT means!) We love you friends! xo

  6. We're so proud of you for being on TV ! Tora-Chan's siblings are so cute ! Purrs

  7. Vidock! mes can't believes that yous is naughty!! (Mommy can, mes can't) and what glorious shots of the Beebs and Gengi and Tommy, my hair slobbery sister Cinnamon says yous really lucky to gets to goes to a restaurant! And wes so happy that Tora has such a great home!

  8. We wish we could have seen that interview. Mom wishes she could have gone to the show! Great manly kittie shots today too. And Tommy, we are so envious that you get to go to eat in a real restaurant - must have been so cool.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  9. How cool is that! Your a star
    Lily & Edward

  10. That was very exciting to be interviewed on the TV Vidock. The two little kitties are cute.

  11. Love all the photos! Great to hear that French network was interested and came for an interview, that's wonderful! Also great to see Tora-Chan again.


  12. Vidock, you are now a superstar!

  13. We wish we could see the TV clip of #1 and Vidock. Of course it would require subtitles since we don't speak French.

  14. How pawsome you were on TV, Vidock. Can we have your hoof-ograph??


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