Monday, 6 July 2015

Manly Monday

Da Beebs: I want to start by thanking everyone who was worried about me. I had a pretty tough time there for a while but I am doing so much better now that #1, aka "the light of my life", is back with me (us...). That Mr. B really didnt like me and I could of course, tell and it was not nice, so I got my own back any way I could.  Now, life is back to how it should be and I am being a good boy.

Da Genj and I are spending time in the run:

I've been "hanging out" in one of the sky hammocks:

 And the fans have been helping us cope with the heat:

Da Genj has been his usual relaxed self:

And Tommy has resumed his outings with #1:

The Big V is looking his usual handsome, studly self:

And our outdoor buddy, the Traveller, is looking pretty good too!

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. A very nice and handsome Manly Monday :)
    Beebs, we are glad you are doing well.
    Bet you feel safe now that your #1 is home.
    Traveller is quite cute.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. Bibi, I am sure you were acting out because of of the humans taking care of you! It does not sound like it was a happy situation at all. :-( I'm glad to see the Traveller looking so well!

  3. Are you ready for #1 to throw the ball for you Tommy?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Bibi, mon humaine elle a dit qu'il y a des gens qui sont vraiment c... et avec autant de sensibilité qu'un caillou. J'espère que tu as complètement oublié ce Monsieur Machin le roi des imbéciles.
    Vous avez tous l'air d'aller bien.
    Le Voyageur aussi, et ça nous fait plaisir.
    Faites attention à la chaleur.

  5. Hi Traveller. Good to see you.
    You have a very good and concise report Beebs. Had job.

  6. Oh Traveller, I was worried for you after I learned that not nice person was here making life miserable. ALL of you are precious. V's included of course. xxoo

  7. Lots of man candy here, hehe! :)

  8. Beebs, its tough when our humans goes away and the guests and us don't gets along. Its so go to see all yous guys and your manliness!!!

  9. Tommy looks ready to roll and have some fun with that special green ball!!! Hope the heat is getting a little better for you. Glad the return of #1 has made thing s so much better for you, Bibi.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  10. Da Beebs...I'm so glad you're doing well now that #1 is back with you. Sorry you had a tough time. I really love that sky hammock that Da Genj is lounging in. It made me laugh cuz it's so cute! Good to see Tommy and his green ball. He's ready to play. I wonder if Vidock knows what a "stud" he is?

  11. a very manly Monday and we are glad things are getting back to normal. it can be hard when the peeps go away, and #1 was gone a while....

  12. How dare that man come into your house and not respect you! The nerve of him! What sick being takes a dislike to a cat he's sitting! Rubbish !
    We were worried about the Little Traveler too. Whith these people not being what they pretended to be anything could have happened! You #1 is home now and all is right with your world.

  13. We sure are happy everything is back to normal
    Lily & Edward

  14. Normal is a wonderful thing and we are sure glad you found yours Beebs!

  15. We're glad things are back to normal for you all ! And we're happy to see the Traveller ! Purrs

  16. Glad things are returning to normal. Hope your heat goes away too.

  17. How could anyone not like you Beebs! I am glad all is back to normal now. You are all looking handsome and manly.


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