Sunday, 20 July 2014

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: Well, it's been thundering, then raining, then sunny, then humid, then it starts all over again. The hammocks in the run keep getting wet, drying, then getting wet again… #1 has the fan on in her study, which is the warmest room in the house, so that's been a fairly good place to be, as well as downstairs where it stays cool anyway.

So, snuggles! We've had a pretty good week, actually! I for one have been doing a lot of snuggling with Tommy

My Beebs has been snuggling with #1, front…

… and back!

Sei-Chan has also adopted the "back snuggle" this week!

But this week's kitty snuggle prize must go to that tart, Genji. Remember we said that #1 was starting a new part-time job two half days a week? She is working with a young Japanese man who is rather linguistically challenged, and because of ongoing construction at his office, he has been coming here initially. This is what the work sessions are looking like:

Looking back earlier in the week, here is one of Fernant snuggling with #1:

And here is one of #1 with Violette:

We haven't had a new photoshoot with Vidock this week, so here is one from the last shoot the week before:

And last but not least, here is Tommy exchanging nose kisses through the fence with two beautiful Boxer girls who are staying with Fernant this weekend:

Keep snuggling, Everyone!


  1. How awesome that the young Japanese human is learning to speak cat, along with other human languages!

  2. Cat is much more easier to learn than French ! Purrs

  3. How nice to learn to speak French and be with cats at the same time.

  4. MOL.. I never know Violette love da flash box..very very much :)
    Happy snuggle everyone

  5. Lots of snuggles :) We like the back snuggles ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  6. OH! These are the best snuggles YET! And Fernant, I didn't know you got to snuggle #1. Genji, I am a tart too! You should see me go right for ANYone who comes to the house.

  7. Happy snuggling everyone!!!

  8. He's a cat man! Yay!

    I'm still amazed at how you can take selfies with your horses - I just can't get them to look that good!

    Monty and Harlow

  9. Having Genji as company makes everything much more enjoyable!
    We're so happy that the gentleman likes cats. He must be a fine person.

  10. Bet there was lots of snuggling during those thunder boomers
    Lily & Edward

  11. Genji tu es un chat sociable, voilà tout. Fais pas attention aux "commentaires" des jaloux.
    Et puis tu aides ta #1 dans son travail. C'est super important.
    Moi je suis beaucoup plus réservée que toi sauf avec mon Papy et Nat à Chat.
    Comme je vais dehors il parait que c'est bien comme ça.
    Il est tout craquant Fernand.
    Ronrons pour tout le monde
    PS : nous aussi on a un temps débile !

  12. As always a great set of singles. Good thing your student likes cats...or at least he does now.

  13. What a wonderful, snuggly family you have. I think I'll come over and snuggle in too.

  14. You all are the most FRIENDLY and loving gang we've ever met!

  15. Oh look at you flirting with those boxer girls Tommy!

  16. Lovely snuggle pictures as always <3
    My mom-person say´s she tried to learn french for 3 years at school and let´s say that the only thing she can say in french is not suitable to write here *mol*


  17. Yow Tama yer so grayshuss we jsut adorez ya!! Lookz like alot of snugglin happened at yer place! Me haz bin snugglin Mum alot 'cause me nott feelin purrfect (stoopid Pancreatitis n Bowels too...)
    Anywho we iz glad all of ya iz on on da snuggle fest!!!
    Da biziter man lookz so happy to bee wif Genji....he is one lucky Hu'Man!!!
    **paw kissez to all**
    Nylablue n Mum too x0x0

  18. We looooooove the one of #1 with Violette! We wish the young man luck with his linguistics - that can be challenging for some. We know. Our dad told us the reason he chose to be a physicist in college was because there was no foreign language requirement! MOL!


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