Saturday, 19 July 2014

SEItisfactory SEIturday

Sei-Chan: Oh, it has certainly been hot the past couple of days and, unlike many of our friends on other continents, we do not have AC. We do have some electric fans for upstairs and the downstairs is actually quite cool because the house is built into a slope and so partly "buried"!

We have been spending a fair amount of time in the cat run. As it is on the north side of the house, it actually is not that hot by afternoon. Here is a nice portrait of me:

I was hanging out on one of the platforms!

Here I am doing a bit of nail-trimming on the cat tree in the kitchen:

And supervising my big sister, Tama, doing the same thing:

We were also very busy hunting over a 24-hour period. Here I am on a stakeout with Genji:

We were very patient and managed to catch both a mousie and a slow worm. Both were still very much alive when #1 saw them and she took BOTH of them away from us!!!

We're expecting some thunderstorms today, so we may stay in and nap.

Have a great SEIturday, Dear Friends!


  1. You caught a WORM?! I've never seen one of those! I guess it is to dry for them here. I envy you the layout of your house, if not the lack of air conditioning. Houses out here are not built for optimum coolness (or warmth in the winter, either!).

  2. We have the same weather here (34 C), and the same program : don't forget your naps, it's impawtant too ! Purrs

  3. Those are beautiful pictures of you, Sei-Chan! It's too bad your human took your snacks! We hope you're able to stay cool in all the hot weather. A nap sounds like the perfect activity for a rainy day :)

  4. It sure sounds like you've had some great running and hunting time!

  5. Wow, nice hunting skills to catch those. :)

  6. We have never seen a sloe worm (Mum says thank goodness as she doesn't like things without fur). It is cooler here today (but not hot like it has been) so we are able to get outside more. We think Genji and you did well to catch a mousie too Sei-Chan.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Sounds like all of you are very busy.Good job catching that mouse. Those are some great picture, Sei Chan. You all have a great day.

  8. We've never been worm hunting, but it sounds like fun.

  9. Coucou Sei-Chan,
    Chez nous c'est pareil. La maison elle est dans la colline, alors en bas c'est frais.
    Vous nous impressionnez Genji et toi. Vous etes de supers chasseurs. Dommage que, encore comme ici, quelqu'un vous pique vos proies. C'est injuste ça.
    Fais quand même attention à ne pas prendre un coup de chaleur.
    Hisia et Loustiquette

  10. Oh how me envies your catrut run! It has been Hot! Hot! Hot! here and mes would loves to gets outside!
    Stay cool dear furrends!

  11. ::fanning self with paw::

    Miss Sei-Chan, you are HOT no matter what the temperature!

    XX Maui

  12. What mighty hunters! We're very proud of you both! Sei, your portrait shows off your unique beauty perfectly! Stay cool beautiful friends.

  13. Well done catching the mousie and slow worm!
    It is very hot and humid here too so I spend most of my time in the shade in the long cool grass.

  14. You miaow WHAT ??!!
    #1 took both YOUR mousie and worm away from you ??!!
    That is NOT acceptable !!


  15. Sei cahn we iz gettin sum hot weather here diz week so Mum haz da place closed up n da fanz on. Iz quite kewl n we iz enjoyin it alot. Da guy in da Bobkat waz around a while ago. Me watched fer a bit n den went back to sleep; wake me when da new patio iz dun!!!!!! ;)
    Wow ya cott a mousie n a werm too? Mum found a few wermz all mixed up frum da xcavatin n she put dem in what iz left of da garden....Hu'manz are bery funny bout wildlife aren't dey?? Butt it provez our Mumz are da sweetest n best!
    Lub Nylablue xxx


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