Monday, 28 October 2013

Windy Manly Monday

Tom: Woofs, Everyone! There is a big wind storm stirring things up over here this morning! Last night, we closed all our shutters for the first time since last winter!

I have had a very social few days. keeping #1 company in a number of outings. Firstly, I got to go out and have pizza again!

I have also accompanied #1 to friends' houses:

And have been enjoying romping in the fields

Genji: #1 has been good about photo shoots for all of us lately (unlike some of you, we all like photo shoots!). What do you think of this one?

How about this one of the "Sleeping Sweetie"?

And at full alert on lizard watch!

Da Beebs: #1 caught me the other day when I was utterly mesmerised by something. She never figured out what it was...

I think I look very thoughtful in this one:

And here I am last week, truly enjoying autumn window whiffies:

Vidock: Neighs, Every Friend! There are some exciting things happening in my life which I shall tell you about later this week. In the meantime, #1 got some great photos of me over the past few days!

Here I am, just outside my box, after a good grooming from #1:

#1 says she thinks this picture is very manly and romantic:

But I kinda like this one:

Have a great week, Everyone!


  1. The BIG storm is on it's way to our coast too and we have been closing and put away stuff that was outside.
    Stay safe my furriends !

  2. Wonderfully manly pictures of you guys. It's a bit windy here today also.

  3. we just read about the wind storm on My 3 Moggies, hoping you are all ok!

  4. Enjoy your sunshine and have a good romp in your fields Tommy. It is still windy here today although where we live it was the heavy rain rather than the wind that was noisier.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Wind scares me. I don't like when everything moves all over the place

  6. hope everyone stayed safe in the storm. Love the pic of Beebs - all wide eyed wonder. :)

  7. Everyone is looking just great - and you are right, unlike all of you, all of us hate that flashy box.

  8. It sounds like a lot of my friends in Europe and the U.K. are having crazy weather right now! Tommy, you are lucky - my greedy human has never shared her pizza with me!

  9. Sleeping sweeties...manly man cats and Studly Stallions...oh my word!!!

  10. Mum met that storm and that wind when she left Pornic in Bretagne to come back home ; we're glad to read that you're all safe ! Gorgeous pictures of you all. Purrs

  11. What handsome fellows! We are glad you are bracing for the storm at Poupounette central. But what about Violette and Vidock? The driving
    winds sound nasty. Our thoughts are with our horse friends.
    Genji's portrait should be framed. His
    face is so beautiful and the
    background shows off his lovely
    coloring perfectly. The photo has
    such a timeless quality about it. We think it is our very favorite of him ( although sleeping sweetie makes our hearts flutter).

  12. Genji, Nat à Chat elle se demande ce qui fait qu'on se ressemble sans se ressembler. Et bien moi je sais. Parfois les humains ils cherchent des trucs compliqués. Si on nous mettait l'un à côté de l'autre on verrait tout de suite .... que tu es un chat et moi une minette. Ca se voit dans ton regard à ta tête !

    Il a l'air super confortable ton nid.

    On espère que la tempête n'a pas fait de dégât chez vous. Ici pas de tempête du tout.

  13. You all look stunningly handsome! We are having terrible winds today too...Mother Nature must be angry about something.

    Tommy, are you all healed up now? We notice the t-shirt is gone.

  14. oh we totally agree that it's a VERY manly & romantic photo. And autumn window whiffs are very bittersweet aren't they? We know what's coming next!! Brrrrrrrr!

  15. Beebs! You look so striking in that "startled expression" photo! And Genji we can see how handsome your furs are in these photos.

    Can't wait to hear your news Vidock!

    Stay safe and keep those shutters closed :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  16. Tommy, pizza again! Wow! Buy your know, since the kitties get to have catnip... you really should get to have pizza sometimes! So glad you have been out and about!
    Vidock, I can't wait for your news!
    Lily, WA, USA

  17. We keep hearing about the big storm on our TV - hope you all stay safe, warm, and dry.

    Great manly pics today too.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  18. You are all looking lovely in your pictures. I wonder what Da Beebs saw that was so interesting.
    The storm reached us overnight and we didn't get much sleep with the wind howling and making everything shake and rattle. We thought we were going to blow away. Luckily we had no major damage here.

  19. Paws khrossed the shutters have stayed sekhured!

    PeeEssWoo: Furry nice pikhs of all - a few made me want a snakhk ;-)

  20. Hope the storm didn't do any damage to things for you.

  21. you are all so furry pawsome...sorry I have been slow coming around...I can see you are all doing great!

  22. Genji ya look gorgeeuss...
    EEooww Vidock ya are lookin bery stuflee n romantick fer shure...
    WE can hardlee wait to read yer newz.
    We hopez dat stoopid storm blew away n never came near any of ya!!!
    Lub Nylableu n Mum too


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