Thursday, 3 October 2013

Tama-Chan Thursday

Tama-Chan: Hello Dear Friends! You didn't think I was just going to give up my post for this week, did you? I just had to have a little talk with #1 about suitable photos and here we are!

Let me start with this little dangle which shows my little particularity quite well. You do remember, don't you, that I only have three toes on my front right paw?

Not that it has ever stopped me from doing anything...

Actually, #1 has told me that, in Japan, they believe that the most beautiful of things must have something that is not perfect about them, and that is what makes them so beautiful! She says I totally fall in that category. Blush...

Now for a little grooming to enhance that perfection:

Followed by a well-deserved snooze whilst dangling the other paw!


  1. Oh you look stunning! And your toes are just exactly right for you and for us!

  2. The sunshine highlighted your lovely paw Tama Chan.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Tama you are SO right! Look at me: I have only one eye but it's a BEAUTIFUL eye. We are BOTH beautiful in our own ways!

    YOU have a good day my furriend!


  4. Three is a mystical, lucky number,so you must have a lucky paw!

  5. That is a stinking pic if you having a sun- puddle nap.

  6. Striking we mean. We apologise for san's poor spelling. She has a paper cut on her thumb and as she only uses her thumb on her iphone she makes silly mistakes. Sorry Tama- chan

  7. TamaChan,

    #1 is absolutely wight. Yoo awe gowgoos and even mowe pawfect because yoo awe unusooal i love yoow yoesies...evewy one of them
    Smoochie kisses

  8. Perfection is boring! Beauty is better, and you've got loads of that, Tama!

  9. Those dangling three toes are adorable
    Benny & Lily

  10. Your toes are so cute and #1 is right just beautiful. Hugs GJ x

  11. Tu as deux magnifiques pattes avant Tama. La droite se termine élégamment, par un petit pied fin !
    Tu es comme mon papa. Il n'a que 4 doigts à la main droite.

  12. Beautiful from every view - and sweet, too!
    Lily, WA, USA

  13. We never knew you only had three paws on that toe. It doesn't change your beauty or your charm!

  14. Tama-Chan, I love your beautiful paw. I think not being perfect makes each one special and precious!

  15. You are beautiful Tama-Chan, and the three toes make you unique.


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