Saturday, 5 October 2013

SEIturday with a dash of 'TockTober!

Sei-Chan: We are now into October and #1 has sworn that she won't be going anywhere all month! I shall be keeping a close eye on her, just to make sure...

We've had quite a bit if rain this week but I did find one or two nice sunpuddles to lie in:

Now, because I am a little on the chubby side, there may be some misconceptions about my sporting abilities. So this week, I wanted to show that I can leap with the best of them!

Look where #1 found me one evening:

Yes, #1, I am quite comfortable, thank you!

It was fun to explore up there...

And since it's THAT month, here is a 'TockTober shot for you!

PS: After preparing this post, we heard that a dear friend of ours had run off to the Bridge yesterday. Megat was a wonderful Singaporean black kitty from Cat Tales. He had a tough life until he was rescued by San in 2006, when he was already believed to be more than ten years old. He battled lymphoma several years ago and San took care of him amazingly and he survived. Megat was a very brave kitty and we know how much he will be missed by San, Bujang, Ms. Akira and Tanaka-Chan. Run Fast, Fly High and Sing Loud, Megat!


  1. Sei, I am having a hard time believing your human is staying home for a whole month! We'll see....

  2. You are a brave kitty and extremely agile. You climb like an acrobat and walk like a ballerina.

    Thanks for the post about our kitty Megat. He was indeed a fighter.

  3. WAT an enviable shot! Tocks to be proud of.

    I was truly saddened about Megat. I remember him very very well as well as the rest of the family. I have missed them for a while now.

  4. We have been and left a comment to Magat's servant. We know how much it hurts when you lose a special friend.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. That is one terrific Tocks shot. That is one great place to snoooopervise from. Hope all have a great day.

  6. What a great place to keep an eye on everything in the house. Being up high is always best.

    We hope that #1 can be home all of October with you. All of you deserve lots of extra snuggly time after all of her recent travels.

  7. If #1 is staying home a whole month, surely she won't mind if you use her luggage as cat beds! MOL!

    Excellent tock shot!

    We are sorry to hear about Megat. Sending purrs to his family.

  8. Moi aussi je suis comme toi "un peu ronde" Sei-Chan et il y en a qui pense que je ne peux pas grimper. Et pourtant comme toi .. je grimpe. Toi tu fais de l'escalade de poutres, et moi, toutes les nuits pour rentrer à la maison, et bien j'escalade un arbre derrière la maison pour arriver sur le toit puis sur la terrasse d'une chambre. Ce sont des médisants ceux qui disent que ton poids t’empêche d'être agile !
    Ne change rien.

  9. Wonderful tock shot of you way up on the beam!

  10. Yow Sei-Chan we iz so sowwy to read about Megat!! May he run free at da Bridge n bee outta pain now!!! He waz a hansum Kitteh!!
    As fer yer high flying teckneequez MOUSIEZ ya iz up high!!! Bet da view iz furabuluss!! N ya haz such cute 'tockz'!! me wunderz if Mum haz any 'tock pix of me??? HHHMMMMM
    Have a lubly weekend all frum Nylablue n Sherriellen at DA Purrfect Pad..

  11. Well done on getting #1 to stay home for October. I think I will not be as successful keeping my Beans home. Nice Tock shot!

  12. Me too would like to see #1 at home for the whole Tock-Tober :)

    Me and mom didn´t know Megat , but we send lot of huggies to his humans <3


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