Monday, 21 October 2013

Manly Monday

Vidock: Neighs Everyone! I am wondering whether this should perhaps be renamed "Studly Monday"... What do you think? Hmmmm. Maybe the little Chan guys would be offended, so better not.... So, anyway, I went last last week so I get to go first this week. How about this photo?

Your doe-eyed studly buddy with a light coating of dried mud...

Here's a cool shot taken recently by Ms. N:

And Monday smooches to all of you:

Da Beebs: It is a known fact that I am the tallest Chan around, but here is actual proof for you of just how long-limbed I am!

Even though it's the second half of October, the weather has been pretty mild and one can still catch a lizardy glimpse if one looks hard:

After which, of course, there's nothing better than a good nap:

Genji: The Shining Prince at your service! I was rather pleased with this photo taken by #1 a couple of days ago:

And I think this one shows off my furs particularly well:

And, as you can see here, Da Beebs is not always Da Boss!

Tom: Can you imagine? An entire week with no cone and no T-Shirt. Life is GOOD!!!

When she was here, Ms. M took a bunch of profile shots of me sitting in the car:

And here is one of me hanging out on my sofa with little Genji:

And one of me visiting my buddy Marcel:

Have a great week EveryFriend!


  1. Very studly indeed Vidock! We love the way your mane falls on your face. Gives you a rakish look ;)
    Beebs and Genji,you are handsome kitties. Tommy, you do look better without the cone ;) hehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  2. Everyone is looking great, but I have to give extra paws up to Tommy for no cone and no shirt for a week! That is great news!

  3. No cone and no tshirt ? Now THAT is the best news although all of you guys look purty handsome.

  4. ***clapping paws*** for NO CONE AND NO SHIRT!!!

  5. Marcel is very happy to be included in this Manly Monday post!

  6. Do you feel naked now your cone and shirt have disappeared Tom?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Great pictures of Vidock. He is a very handsome boy. Those pictures of the cats are terrific too.Have a great day.

  8. you all are very handsome and studly!!

  9. love the action shot of Vidock. smooches too all the boys!

  10. Well y'all sure are a mighty fine looking bunch!

  11. All you boys are looking very handsome! We love that photo of Vidock with the prance in his step!

  12. You are super handsome, Vidock!

    Of course, all of you boys are!

    Monty and Harlow

  13. Oh my...all our feminine hearts are going pitter-pat! And Scouty. Cos he swings that way, too!

  14. Studly indeed all of you! Da Beebs, are you talking to those lizards outside? We thought that was very cute! Purrs...

  15. Vous etes tous des p'tits mecs magnifiques !
    J'aime bien ton copain Tommy. C'est beau un chat noir.
    Tu es tout beau dans le soleil Genji. Quand je te regarde je me demande toujours .. ta petite tête ne ressemble pas à celle de ta cousine et je ne vois toujours pas ce qui diffère. Peut être que ta tête est plus longue, et que celle d'Hisia est plus triangulaire..

  16. Tommy, we are so glad you can run free without t-shirt and cone now. Hooray! And the rest of you manly men look equally marvellous! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  17. You all look so manly...but Vidock, you definitely are the studly one! :)

  18. You are a very very handsome horse, Vidock. I love that action photo of you! Studly, indeed!

  19. The weather has been mild for October here too, but wet also.

    Fabulous manly pictures of you all.

  20. Vidock , we LOVE LOVE LOVE your jumping picture !
    That is really cool !

    I do think that the Chan guy´s would be very offended if you rename the Manly Monday post´s to Studly Monday´s :)

  21. Studly KISSES, mowzers!

    Beebs, dood, you really ARE tall!

    Tom, life IS good with no cone - score!!

  22. Congrats on no t-shirt Tommy! I expect to have mine on for a while, but I do get it taken off for play time outside with Millie. That second picture of Vidock is very studly and beautiful.


  23. Oh! Oh! Oh! Yous all makes my little heart flutter!


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