Friday, 4 October 2013

Forever Friday

#1 here. It has been some time since we had a Forever Friday post, commemorating our "Bridge Gang." Last weekend was the anniversary of the loss of our Yuu-Chan three years ago, and so the time seems right.

Yuu-Chan (2009-2010), the last of the three to leave for the Bridge, was only 15 months old when he made the journey. But in the short time that he spent with us, he filled our lives with beauty and joy.

Here he is at two months:

Looking so serious at six months:

Being a fabulous big brother to Da Beebs at nine months:

Hanging with Sei-Chan and Da Beebs at 13 months:

At fifteen months, about a week before he left:

Sen-Chan (2007-2009) was, along with Tommy, one of the "founders" of The Poupounette. He graced our lives for 18 months before he was felled by FeLV (which also killed Yuu-Chan who came from the same unscrupulous breeder).

Sen-Chan and Tommy grew up together and were best friends:

Exceptionally, Sen-Chan was allowed out, and he loved to play with Tommy in the garden!

He was so happy when little Tama-Chan joined the family, and he loved her with all his heart!

The first time I went to visit Sen-Chan's fairy tree after he died, this is what I saw:

Ikkyu (1992-2007) was my first ever pet and so my first cat. He came to me when I lived in Tokyo. Here he is at three months:

Ikkyu loved tulips:

He travelled with me all over the world! Here he is enjoying Air France's business class:

He was famous for his "Kangaroo Ikkyu" sleeping position:

Here he is in his fourteenth year, a year before he left:

He and I had fifteen wonderful years together, and he is the one who taught me how wonderful Abyssinians are!

Yuu-Chan, Sen-Chan and Ikkyu: Forever loved, forever missed, and forever remembered with a smile.


  1. What lovely memories of these sweet kitties.We like the picture of Sen-Chan's fairy tree. Looks like he is the tree.
    Purrs and headbumps for you today.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  2. So lovely to see the Bridge gang again. We remember and love them always. PURRS.

  3. Grrrrrr - khomment was eaten -

    Thanks fur sharing such purrrrrfekht and tasty - I mean khute - memories!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! I hope woo have a wooferrifikh weekend!

  4. The picture of Ikkyu doing his kangaroo impression makes us smile. The picture of Sen Chan's fairy tree is quite eerie but not in a bad way.
    Yuu-Chan was such a sweet little one and it was so sad he had to leave so soon.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Thank you SO much for sharing those lovely photos of Yuu-Chan, Sen-Chan and Ikkyu. Sometimes it's good to sit & remember those who have gone before. My first ruddy Aby boy, Kukla, died from FIP when he'd just turned one year old but he was the one that made me a die-hard devotee of ruddy boys. Then I got Feisal and, someday, I shall have another one. I've promised myself that.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely angels. Have a good weekend.

    Selina & MomKatt Laura

  6. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos and memories. Much loved and never, ever forgotten. Äiti is sure she could see some Aby tails up in those northern lights a couple of nights ago.

  7. We are glad these three loves all knew you and that you in turn befriended them. Love at times can be terribly fleeting. The reason for that is something we mere mortals will never understand . But as the infamous Bard once said ," Tis better to have loved and lost, then never to have loved at all."

    the critters in the cottage xo

  8. They were very beautiful #1. They were all blessed.

  9. What a nice tribute to special little Yuu Chan
    Benny & Lily

  10. What a beautiful Bridge gang. We love learning about Abyssinians! So beautiful!

  11. If Sen and Yuu were destined to be on this earth only a short time, they were blessed to have found a home where a lifetime of love and
    happiness were compressed into
    lives that could still be counted in
    Ikkyu had a long and enviably full life; included in all the adventures of the person he loved and the one who loved him the most.
    As the saying goes, the love of a cat is a blessing, a privilege in this wordl.

  12. What a truly beautiful family of cats you had and have. I really was glad to get to know the ones who came before. I am grateful you featured them today. They were all loved so much and were a joy to you. You were their world.

  13. What a beautiful post and what beautiful memories.

  14. It is fun to see all of the bridge gang. What a good looking bunch of kitties. Hope all of you have a great week end.

  15. Such wonderful boys! And how sad that Sen-Chan and Yuu-Chan never got to have long, full lives. :-(

  16. Such lovely memories of your beautiful kitties. So sad that some left so early but you had such love while they were here. Love the rainbow sky when you went to the tree. Such a sign. Hugs GJ x

  17. C'est tellement triste deux petites vies si courtes.
    Mais d'un autre côté ils ont apporté et reçu tant de bonheur.
    Les Abyssins sont des chats tellement spéciaux, différents, beaux dehors et dedans.
    Sen-Chan .. petit ange sorrel. J'en ai les larmes aux yeux. La photo de son arbre est féérique. C'est le sien !

  18. Very nice to meet your angels ! Lovely memories... Purrs

  19. Yes, remember with a smile... so beautiful, so loved.

    Lily, WA,USA

  20. What lovely memories! We're so very very sorry you lost two sweethearts far, far too early in their little lives! But we know they were much loved by you in the time they had here on earth.

  21. Thank you for sharing their stories with us. It's sad to hear that you lost two of them so early in their lives! We did love the photo of Ikkyu in business class. Cats always deserve upgrades. :)

  22. Thank you for sharing their stories with us. It's sad to hear that you lost two of them so early in their lives! We did love the photo of Ikkyu in business class. Cats always deserve upgrades. :)

  23. Forever loved. It says it all.

  24. What beautiful memories. They may be physically gone, but they are not forgotten...and they will be forever loved. Purrs......

  25. I didn't know Yuu-Chan and Sen-Chan. It is very sad that they went to the Bridge so young.
    Ikkyu looked so cute in his kangaroo position. They were all beautiful cats, and as you say, will be forever loved.

  26. What lovely memories <3
    I LOVE "Kangaroo Ikkyu" sleeping style :)


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