Thursday, 26 July 2012

Tommy Thursday

Tommy: Yep, it's me again I bet that you're all getting really tired of me and my woes. Believe me, I am too, and when we went back to dr. C's this morning, I filed a complaint!

Yesterday afternoon, #1 had finally managed to pinpoint the location of my paw problem, narrowing it down to up from my little toe. There was quite a bit of swelling and she wondered if it might be broken or perhaps there was some kind of foreign body that had dug its way in there. So, off we went back to Dr. C's this morning and it was x-ray time! As #1 Assistant, #1 donned the lead apron and held me still as Dr. C maneuvered me into the correct position. The lovely pictures showed (1) that I have very elegant and perfectly healthy digits with nary a break in them but that (2) there are two nasty looking "bits" in there that Dr. C suspects may be blackthorn or something equally unsavoury. She decided that I had suffered enough and would have operated on me right away to remove them had I not indulged in a sumptuous breakfast of chicken breast. So, I am booked in for noon tomorrow. More paw crossing and rumbly purrs, if you don't mind. Hopefully, that will finally solve the problem.

In the interim, I did go out to dinner with #1 last night, and spent some quality time chomping down on sticks:

And I got an excellent new ball from Nip and Bones in the post! Highly chewable!!!

And Genji has been providing lots of moral support!


  1. Oh, poor baby! Purrs and prayers for a very lovely surgical result and quick healing. We know #1 will spoil your properly during your recovery, too!

  2. Oh POOR Tommy!!!

    Paws khrossed the nasty is finally extrikhated!

    PeeEssWoo: Be sure to play it fur more of evfurrything!

  3. Tommy, we are not fed up with hearing about you: but we are FED UP that you have a poorly paw. We really hope the Nasty Bits can come out pdq. Paws crossed for tomorrow.

  4. Sounds like a bad news/good news scenario. Now Dr C can hopefully make you all better. Is blackthorn the same sort of thorny thing that you had in other places that she removed? Maybe while you are under she should check very carefully in case there are more bits near your private parts.

    Purrs to you all!

  5. Oh Tommy, I hope this hearlds the end of this for you and I like Simba's idea of examining you thoroughly to see if there are any more anywhere on your sweet self. xoxoxox

  6. Tommy we never tire of seeing your handsome self but are sorry you are having woes. We are sending healing purrs that they get the blackthorn or whatever out and you feels all better.

  7. No chicken breast for breakfast tomorrow then Tommy - it would be a shame to waste it so purrhaps you'd like to send it to us! Maybe you should have little boots made for when you go out in the fields.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Well I guess that is good news that you found out what is making your foot hurt. We sure are sending tons of woofs and some hee haws too for that surgery to go well and then for your foot to be all better. We will be thinking about you. Take care.

  9. Oh gosh, poor Tommy! We like the updates, not the content, of course. However, we do like to know he you are doing!

  10. Ouch! Oh Tommy, we would be complaining like you wouldn't believe if we had little bits of blackthorn in our toes. We're sending rumbly purrs, and hope your toe is on the road to recovery very quickly.

  11. Aw that's no good mate, sending pawsitive siber vibes,


  12. Tired of hearing about Tommy.....never! We would be upset if we didn't hear news about our most darling dog!
    The doctor will help you, dear Tom, and the pain will be all gone. We continue to pray for you and send you all of our love and purrs. Isn't it nice to have a baby brother who loves you.

  13. We hope you can gte rid of that thorn right away Tommy. We will be purring fur you here.

    the amigos and san

  14. ouch. we are sorry about the surgery but know you will be feeling si much better. purrssssss

  15. So good to know the culprit has been discovered. Now to cross our paws for all to go well with your surgery.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  16. Poor Tommy. I hope you get feeling better very quickly. How nice of Genji to provide such good moral support.

  17. I REALLY hope this operation solves your problem, Tommy! I am sending you purrs for a successful procedure.

  18. All paws and fingers will be crossed for you Tommy, tomorrow at noon. I hope that this solves the problem right away!

  19. Surely this is a way to keep #1 home fur a while! We hope your surgery is quick, uneventful, and we are sending tons of purrs fur your recovery!

  20. Poor Tommy! We're sending our rumbliest purrs for all to go well tomorrow!

  21. Tommy, I will be thinking about you! Good luck!

  22. Tommy,
    We are so sorry to read about your continuing paw troubles. You are being a trooper about the whole thing and at least you feel well enough to play with your toys. Paws crossed for a successful operation tomorrow.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  23. we always want your updates Tommy. Good luck and feel better
    Benny & Lily

  24. Oh Tommy, we're gonna keep purring extra loud for you, till your little paw is better!

  25. Yes, we are crossing our paws for you Tommy, and hope all goes well at the vet's for getting rid of the blackthorn. it sounds kinda nasty!


  26. Tommy, we send you lots of purrs that the doc gets your paw all better. PURRRRRRRRRRR.

  27. Poor Tommy! First spikes in your HooHaa and then spikes in your toes! It has been a bad summer for yous! We sends LOTS of Purrs (and Doggie kissses)
    Neliie, Kozmo and the hairy slobbery sisters, Cinnamon and Bob and Mommy too!

  28. Your friend in PA, Lou Ann27 July 2012 at 06:23

    Dearest Tommy, I never tire of hearing about you, and your precious #1, God Bless her, and all your feline and equine friends!!
    I'm somewhat new to your blog and loving every minute of reading of your world!
    You ALL are sooo precious!!
    Tommy, please know that I shall be praying especially for you for your surgery tomorrow - may it go smoothly, successfully, and with a speedy and excellent recovery so you can be running and playing again real soon!! You've sure had your fill, Tommy!!
    I send you many hugs, prayers, and love!!
    Will look for #1's update post your procedure.
    Please tell #1 to give your feline and equine friends lots of lovings for me, too!

  29. Tommy! I am late to the party here and methinks you are in French surgery even as I type right now at this moment.

    I am sending super vibes that it all goes well and you are having handsome adventures again soon.


  30. Tommy
    I'm wight thewe wif you holding youw paw thwoo this pwoceedoowe and sending healing smoochies fow aftew
    you awe in my bestest thoughts
    smoochie kisses

  31. We just came from Mango's blog. Our paws are crossed for you, Tommy!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  32. Oh Tommy!! Mango sent us over. We have stickers called 'foxtails' in California where we live. A long time ago mom and dad had a dog who got one in her paw and it travelled a ways up to her wrist. The vet removed it and she was good as new in no time!! We'll keep paws crossed!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  33. OMD, Mango sent us over to giive you are best wishes for your upcoming surgery! Hope you have a speedy recovery and your law fweels better real soon!
    Winston, Chloe and Cecil


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