Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sunny SEIturday!

Sei-Chan: Dear Friends, the sun is out! It is still quite cool with a maximum of around 18C (65F) predicted for today, but it is getting warmer every day!

It is glorious to bask in the rays in the cat run!

And find fabulous sunpuddles indoors!

Of course, I still have to supervise #1 as I take my naps...

And give you your fair share of pink pawpad exposure!

I'll tell you a secret, I also rather like our new cat tree.

And please don't tell my sister Tama but here I am right on top, and #1 said I looked quite regal!

Here's hoping you all have a Sunny SEIturday!


  1. That is khurrently our morning temp!

    It is PAWESOME!

    Happy SEIturday!

    PeeEssWoo: Hey Tommy!!!

  2. The weather sounds wonderful! Cool enough to enjoy the sun without baking but not so cold to make it unpleasant to be outdoors.

    Mango Momma

  3. Oh, 65 and sunny is purr-fection in my weather book! Enjoy!

  4. Sei-Chan we think you look very regal too sitting at the top of your cat tree. Unfortunately 65 and sunny is a pipe dream here - we were promised so much by the weatherman but as usual he has let us down (but at least it hasn't rained today YET!!)
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. YOu look regal wherever you are dear one. xoxoxox And beautiful too. Mom loves those pink paw pads.

  6. That is a great cat tree. You are so lucky.

  7. We do believe we might just teleport over fur those purrfect temps you're havin! Thanks fur showin our Mommy those paw pads, she's crazy bout them. Happy Caturday.

  8. Our sun puddles are borderline too hot here today - sounds like you are one of the rare ones with pleasant weather!

  9. Beautiful, radiant girl. You would look regal sitting anywhere you chose. But we would be over the moon if you could choose to sit with us. We'd be very gentle and properly adoring. Oh well, we can dream, can't we?

  10. Sweet Sei-Chan, your weather sounds purrfect for a sun-snuggle, shall I pop over? Mommy has been threatening me with a comb and I'd rather have YOU fix my cat-licks!
    XX Maui

  11. Being on top of the cat tree is the purrfect place to be!

  12. Oh Yes! Sun!
    Glorious Sun!

  13. Sounds like the perfect day! Enjoy. :)

  14. Yes you look very regal at the very top Sei-Chan and we promise not to tell your sister.

  15. #1 is quite correct too. You look like the true princess that you are. we are sure that Queen Tama will be OK with sharing.

    Add about 40F to your high and that's what we have:(

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


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