Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sighs of Relief on Sunday!

Violette: Pretty neighs everyone. Violette here. So, it seems that you were quite intrigued by that last photo on Friday's post...The photo was actually taken a few weeks ago, and I have quite a tale to tell you about the boy in it.

Please meet my cousin, UREY DE VANOISE!

He truly is my cousin as our dams had the same sire, i.e., we have the same grandfather! Urey is a jet black 4-year old entire pure-bred Percheron. He is an absolute sweetie. #1 "discovered" him a few months ago when she was first contacted by a Danish woman who was looking for an entire male that she could use for dressage. She worked with this woman for months to find just the right horse, offering the woman several properly schooled horses. But the woman decided that she wanted Urey, who was unschooled and whom she nicknamed the "young rebel." He had been barely handled and, at age 4, was already pretty big and strong. He came to our place for a test-schooling, to see what might be done with him, and he passed everything with flying colors. As I said before, he is really sweet and he is bright and eager to learn.

Both Ms. S and Mr. E worked with him:

And everyone fell in love with the big black horse!

So, we were all a little sad to see him leave on Monday of last week to go up to his new owner. His journey was supposed to take 36 hours but ended up taking almost 4 days because the (cheap) transport company parked him somewhere along the way. On arrival, he was tired and stressed and his new owner hated him on sight. She never even gave him a chance. He was called "The Monster" as soon as he arrived and deemed unapproachable and unhandlable. He was put in a box that was never mucked out, he was never allowed to exercise, and he was barely fed and watered. Only 24 hours after his arrival, his new owner put him up for sale.

We were all horrified at what was happening to our sweet pal and #1 and Ms. S and Mr. E decided he simply had to be rescued. To get a transport company to go get him would probably need 2-3 weeks wait as there is no regular horse transit between France and Denmark. What's more, the woman was being a total bitch and, having agreed on a price, then tried to increase it after the money had been paid. Days of delicate negotiating (when you want to kill someone but try your hardest to be nice so they do what you want) and finally, she said OK. We were not going to leave our buddy up there one moment longer than necessary, so...

... Mr. E hitched up his horse van and with another friend, they drove 1,400km (almost 900 miles) each way to get Urey and bring him home. This is how they found him:

Apparently, the poor guy almost jumped into Mr. E's arms when he saw him, so happy was he at the sight! He ran into the van and never moved during the entire journey. The heroic Mr. E and Mr. R drove almost 40 hours, with just short stops along the way, to bring our big guy home. Since his arrival back in France, he has been principally seeking cuddles from all those he knows love him.

Urey is now a temporary member of the Poupounette Gang. You could say he is our Rescue/Foster. #1 bought him but Ms. S and Mr. E are boarding him and will school him for free, and we have sworn that we will find him the best home possible once he is ready to go. But first, he is going to have a holiday! Bring on the straw bedding!!!

#1 sometimes shakes her head when we are chatting, saying "why is it that some people manage to rescue 500 gramme kittens and I always end up with 800kg horses?" We know why. Big horses need rescuing too!

Anyway, today is Sunday so we must leave you with come snuggle pics, featuring Urey of course! These were taken yesterday afternoon, a few hours after his return:

Look who's smiling:


  1. We had to pick our jaws up off the floor when we read what happened in Denmark. What a truly shocking turn of events. We're sending huge rumbly purrs of thanks to Mr E. and Mr R., and to #1. We're so relieved that Urey is again surrounded by good people who will care for him and make sure his best interests will be looked after.

    You're in a good place now, Urey. Enjoy your straw bedding! :)

  2. Your #1 and Mr E and Mr R are HEROES. That is an awful story and we are so happy that it has a good ending.
    Some people are truly unbelievable and should never be allowed to keep animals. We hope that there can maybe be some consequence and on the 'network' this person can become blacklisted somehow.
    In the meantime, we welcome the temporary memeber of the gang! Happy Sunday all.

  3. Welcome, Urey! We just have to say that #1, Mr. E and Mr. R are absolutely amazing!

  4. What a wonderful turnout for Urey! We think the marking on his foreheart looks like a white heart. He's such a muscular, beautiful boy. What a mean women to give him up so easily. Well, it's her loss! A big hooray for #1 and her friends for rescuing him!

  5. O mai goodness! Bless his heart. And bless your hearts, #1, Ms. S, Mr. E and Mr. R for your collective parts in rescuing the big fella, Urey!

  6. Urey, you could not have found a better family than you have found. They will make sure your next experience is good and your story made mom glad and made her sad too that you had to go thru all of that.

    Violette, your mane and forelock are slightly feminine which is just right for a pretty girl like you. xox

  7. I think he found his new home! :D

    It's a shame how people treat horses - we've rescued a few from similar situations. It's amazing how you can always squeeze one more in the "herd". It's so hard to leave them behind.

    Good luck with him - he really is beautiful!


  8. How could anyone call that handsome boy a monster? We are so glad to see that Urey is back with #1 and her nice friends. Poor guy probably couldn't understand what had happened to him. He is a great addition to your gang!

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  9. WE are so glad that #1 and her friends were able to rescue Urey. We are so sads he had that horrible experience.

  10. Really glad to read of the successful rescue... Stupid woman had obviously over-estimated her abilities and then taken it out on poor Urey. Fabulous outcome thanks to No#1

  11. We are very glad to meet Urey, a very handsome fellow!! His story of needing to be rescued from his new home is quite shocking. We are happy to hear he is safely back "home".


  12. Urey's tale brought tears to my eyes. Some people can be so cruel. #1 and your friends at the stable are all saints. Thank you for bringing Urey back from that awful woman.

    Hugs to Urey.


  13. We were all shocked at what had happened in Denmark and are glad he is with family. There is nuffing like a family who love syou Urey.

    Tanaka and the amigos and san

  14. HOW on earth can someone treat an animal like that after all they went through to find them? Mommy tells us that some "people" are just flat out stupid. Now we see what was going on with #1 a few weeks ago, and why she was upset! We would have been, too.
    Urey, you have landed on your mighty hooves in a wonderful spot. Blessings to #1, Mr.E and Ms.S.

  15. Wow, number 1 you are an amazing woman! I am so glad that Urey is having a happy reunion and all of the love and cuddles he needs. Thank goodness that you and your friends have such kind hearts.

  16. It's sure Urey is a wonderful horse with a big heart and beautiful skills
    and he has to find a true good owner
    It's sure Mrs #1, Mr E end Mr R are heroes and I'm happy to cooperate with this magic team to make Urey happy

  17. Khongrats!

    We are smiling here - just like the happy faces in the last pikh!

    MERCI fur all the LOVING and KHARING humans that PULLED together fur this handsome fella!

    As fur the unhuman in Denmark - I KIKHK DIRT IN HER DIREKHTION!

    PeeEssWoo: Hey Tommy - do woo think a horse khould fit in The Zen-terra?

  18. Urey is so fortunate for the love shown by you and Ms S Mr E and Mr R. One wonders why the Danish new owner did not think that Urey could be upset by unfamiliar surroundings and need time and kindness. But he is clearly better off back where he is.

  19. What an ordeal for poor Urey! So glad he was rescued and is happy again. Urey is gorgeous!

  20. I'm so glad Urey was rescued from such an awful situation! This sort of thing makes my human really mad - with all that goes into horse ownership, you would think humans would know how to properly care for them, but there are still lots of jerks out there who don't get it. So you are right - horses DO need rescue too! And need it far too often (of course, even one time is too often!).

  21. That idiot woman! Vanity and arrogance in place of brains. What the hell is wrong with her. A lot probably.
    Lesson to be learned here concerning human conceit.
    #1, you are a hero in every way, as are your friends. We all thank God for people in this world like you.
    Poor Urey's story is sickening, but luckily there is a positive outcome. God bless you all.

  22. Some people obviously don't know a good thing (or horse) when they have one. Her loss! Thank heavens for big horse rescuers and for heroes like Mr. E and Mr. R!

  23. Oh what a horrible thing for Urey to endure...but SO happy he is back where he belongs amoung loving humans and his gorgeous cousin Violette.

    We will purr that he finds the best forever home and he's appreciated for the wonderful and smiling horsie he is.

    xoxo Cory and family

  24. Some humans are worth smacking
    Benny & Lily

  25. Gang Poupounette, YOU are our heros! Urey is a lovely boy and we know he's happy to be home where he's loved and appreciated. Thanks to you... Big hugs.

    Lizzie & 3 kitties

  26. That woman did not deserve a wonderful horse like Urey! Just look how handsome he is!! We're so happy you all got him back.

  27. Thank goodness Urey is back with the people who love and understand him. The Danish woman didn't deserve him and probably would have ruined him in a few years.

    We send lots of purrs to you for stepping in to bring him back. We are going to go and poop on that woman's pillow!

  28. Wow, that is quite the horrible story, but with a happy ending. We have heard horror stories about kitties and pups that need rescuing, but never about a horse. Urey IS gorgeous. We know he is in the best of hands now. We hope you are able to find him the best possible home, if he isn't already there:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  29. Emergency Rescue by M.E and M. R. Heehee! But seriously , one has to wonder what that woman was thinking. To go to those lengths to find such a beautiful horse and then to throw him aside because she was unable to show him compassion after all he went through on his journey to her. All he needed was a good bed, good food, fresh water and a steadying hand and the dust would have easily settled under his hooves. What an unevolved and small individual. Thankfully you all stepped in. To consider his potential fate if you hadn't , doesn't bear contemplating. We think we can see your angel wings growing off your shoulders :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  30. wow, that is a happy, then sad, then happy story. we're so glad that Urey is back where he is loved and cared for. we wish YOU could keep him. he is a beautiful horse.


  31. #1 - I didn't get to visit much yesterday but came today and was so upset to see how that woman treated Urey. Thank you so much for your and your friends compassion for him. We know you will not let him go to another unkind and uncaring human.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy's Mum Sue

  32. You are wonderful, just wonderful all of you to work so very hard to rescue Urey!!!! I'm so glad that beautiful Urey is safe and happy again and hopefully that horrible woman will fall into a big hole.


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