Saturday, 7 July 2012


Sei-Chan: The first thing to tell you is that Violette is feeling better. #1 said it was quite funny last night watching  Ms. S clean out her nostrils and put Vicks in there to ease her breathing! Anyway, thanks for your kindness yet again!

The weather has been beyond bizarre the last few days with some nice sunshine and huge rain, and nothing much between the two! I had been taking it easy INDOORS! #1 actually got a little video of me whilst I was napping:

Sorry about the strange noises the zoom lens was making!

This is my "I give up" pose:

My big sister Tama (who is always very nice to me!) has a bit of a temper and she occasionally gets annoyed, especially with her Beebs. At such times, there is only one option, UTB!!!

And when things calm down, I emerge and enjoy a spot of Zabuton napping...

I hope you will going us again tomorrow as a certain Silver Streak is celebrating his Gotcha Day!


  1. Zabuton snoozing is the best!!!

    Wow, tomorrow is Gin-chan's Gotcha Day? How fast time flies!!!

  2. Yum!

    Khyttie toes!!

    I'm sure my khampers like 'em too!!!

    PeeEssWoo: Hey Tommy - Merdie and Harley are HERE!!!

  3. That is some SERIOUS napping. We are going to imitate you now.

    Glad to her V. is going better... Ms. C knows how miserable it is because she is trying to get over something herself. Maybe they should get together.

    Abby Normal & Stygia

  4. We had never thought that horses might need vick up their noses! We loved your video Sei-Chan and think your paw pads are so pretty. Glad you got to take a nap after Tama's tantrum.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx
    ps We're looking forward to the Gotcha Day party tomorrow.

  5. I am happy that Violette is better and I had to smile at the thought of her nose being cleaned as well as the Vicks! :-)))

    I will be here for the Gotcha Day! xox

  6. I haven't been online much so I didn't know Violette was ill, but glad she's on the mend.

    We all love those pink paw pads! srsly.

  7. Just look at that "look" on Tama's face UTB.

  8. Thank you for the excellent news about Violette, darling Sei-Chan! It's always nice to start the day on a positive note. We can't open your vid, but just seeing your adorable face and angel toesies is good enough for us.
    A gotcha day already! Why, it seems it was only yesterday our shining prince came to live at Poupounette central. We can't wait to join in the revelries. Let the celebration begin!

  9. We are glad that things are better with Violette! And that you are having a nice Saturday.

  10. hmmm, that zoom sounds SUSPICIOUSLY like gas, hahahaha! uh oh, here comes Maui...better run before he sees what we just said!

    Three cheers for Vicks and Violette!

  11. Wow - a year already. Time flies! Äiti saw lots of nice Abies at the cat show she said. Apparently your gorgeous distant cousins are getting more popular here.

  12. You snooze so prettily, Sei!

  13. What a cute video! I love seeing you napping :-) Happy early Gotcha Day to Gen-Chan!

  14. Good news on Violette - so good to hear she is better.

    Phantom sometimes wishes he could fit under a bed too, but then again, we don't even get to see the bedrooms here.

    We will be back tomorrow for the big day.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. Hi everybody!
    Me is catching ups on everybody's posts. We has been very very busy (well, not really we, Mommy). We did not even read about Violette being under the weather until today and when we readed the new post that she was feeling betters, we had a great big sense of relief!
    Me is happy that yous all is doing good and we is still sending #1 positive thoughts!
    Kisses to yous all!

  16. We like the picture of Tama 'UTB'. :) She very much as a 'leave me alone' face on!


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