Saturday, 10 September 2011

A SEIturday to Savour!

It's finally SEIturday and #1 says she'll be here with us all weekend! From next Monday, her life will become officially 100% crazy, as the team of Australian horse vaulters and trick riders she has organised to take part in the Percheron World Congress will be arriving on Monday and Tuesday and will then be training. But for now she is ALL ours! And she has even been using the camera on us!

Here I am on the pink blankie, enjoying a nice view of the garden:

It's so good to relax!

Although I of course remain ever-vigilant in case something needs my attention..

Have a great weekend everyone. We are crossing our paws for all our American friends who are dealing with either fires or floods.


  1. Happy Seiturday!

    I know woo savour #1 all weekend!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! I think woo should get to go along with #1 next week ;-)

  2. Sounds like number 1 is going to be a busy lady. You kitties must make the most of her...Tommy too.
    Sending lotsaluv to you all and hoping that the congress goes well.

  3. Happy Seiturday beautiful one. Your blonde eyeliner is so gorgeous. It goes so well with your rich glossy furs and your green jewel eyes.

  4. Sounds like we have struck lucky with our humans around for us for the weekend at least! Thank you for my birthday wishes. Have a snuggly weekend. Our chicken is nearly ready ....

  5. Sei-chan you look so sweet all curled up on the pink blankie!

  6. Sei-Chan you look furry laid back this morning are you catching your breath before #1's busy week? We hope you are not going to take part in the activities of the trick riders.
    Tell #1 the sun is about gone here and it is very windy now - we are getting the left overs from the hurricane tomorrow night and into Monday so it doesn't seem like we'll get much fence walking in.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Hi, Sei-Chan. You look fantastic, as usual. I don't think you ever rest. I can sense the little gears going around in that brain of yours!

  8. Enjoy your weekend with #1! We hope lots of snugglin and snoozes are on the agenda! xoxo

  9. Well then, be sure and enjoy your weekend!

  10. Sei, you had better pin down #1 to make sure she is true to her word and hangs out with you this weekend - it really does sound like there will be much busy-ness next week!

  11. You need to get in extra cuddles today, Miss Sei-Chan...and I'll be around next week to pick up the slack!

    xx Maui xx

    pee ess, tell #1 to take lots of pictures for us...

  12. So cute with the pink blankie. Looks nice and comfy. :)

  13. Sounds like yoo need to enjoy it while it lasts! Oliver, Ruby and Rose

  14. Oh Sei! Your beauty is amazing! That exquisite, little face with it's wondrous expression is absolutely mesmerizing ! We are so pleased #1 will be able to spend some time with you; we know you love her so!
    Thank #1 for letting us know about Vidock's mark. Very posh. But then we know that he is a very special boy. Beauty, brains and sweetness! A winning combo!

  15. Hi there Sei-Chan...take full advantage of your weekend with #1. We just had to suffer through 2 nights without mom and now 2 nights without dad...and it is NO FUN!

  16. セイちゃん, enjoy happy weekend with #1!! You look very cute on a pink blankie :-) Happy SEIturday!!

  17. My dear, you are ever so lovely in pink... in any color really!

  18. We hope you are enjoying your weekend with #1!

  19. Oh boy you better take advantage of having #1 around. She sounds like she has some exciting events coming up
    Benny & Lily

  20. Beautiful photos!

    We hope #1 has a good rest this weekend to set herself up for next week!

    take care
    Clive and Murray


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