Monday, 12 September 2011

Manly Monday - One at a time!

Tom: Well, the really busy times are starting today. #1 says she will do everything she can to keep us blogging, but posts are likely to be shorter and she apologises in advance if we don''t leave comments as much as usual.

To kick off the new regime, we will have just one photo each for manly Monday (well sort of, anyway). I actually have two photos for you, one of me and Fernant and the other of just me!

I got the ball!

Life is joy!

Vidock: This week, I am presenting a photo of me in long reins. Don't I look serious and manly?

Bibi-Chan: I think I look very manly and sleek in this shot of me in the cat run!

Gen-Chan: Did somebody say manly and sleek...?!


  1. Very manly shots!

    The very best of luck to #1 this week. Hope it all goes well.

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  2. What nice sunny shots of you all. I bet Genji enjoys the run.

    Maybe #1 will have a chance to use her camera to catch some shots of the Percherons, to show us later when things calm down.

  3. Really, have grown a LOT! And your beautiful color accentuates your manliness! one does it better. But right along side are Tommy and Bibi-Chan.


  4. We don't quite know how to process so much manliness in the one post! We hope #1 has a fun time with the Aussie riders. If we'd have known they were heading towards you, we would have jumped in their luggage :)

  5. At least you had a sunny weekend with #1 before her "busy" starts!
    Watch out Tommy it looks as though Fernant is going to give your tail a little "bitey".
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. We are quite impressed with Vidock and his long reins! We know what you mean about busy times. Our human is feeling quite busy as well...

  7. Tommy! Is Fernant trying to bite your bum!?!
    You are all quite manly, and Mommy loves the pattern of Vidock's "cape"--sorry that's the best description we could think of!

  8. You all are very manly today, shorter post or not!

  9. Fernant is still bent on chewing on our Tom! Run Tom, run.
    We've looked at photos of other Percherons and Vidock , while powerfully built, looks more graceful than some of the other horses. He really is beautiful.
    Kisses Beebs and Genji!

  10. You are all looking furry handsome and manly! Genji, you are getting so big!

  11. The Labrapest pikh was too precious!


  12. Vidock! How much an outfit can change everything. You DO look quite serious and manly.


  13. Great manly shots! Looks like Tommy nearly got caught from behind! MOL!


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