Monday, 26 September 2011

Mad Monday....

: Hi everyone. Tommy here. #1 is back with us but she has a sore back (still, sciatica), and is suffering from utter exhaustion. She is still taking our American and Canadian visitors on breeder visits, so she is not feeling very creative today. But we thought it would be nice to share some photos of her and Vidock together at the Percheron World Congress.

Other than #1, Vidock and me, you will see in the pictures Ms. A who looked after us when #1 was away, and also Cora, who is my aunt!


  1. Tommy, we sure hope your #1 will get some rest, and soon! Tell her we are purring for her sore back, and tell Vidock we love the wool colors in his braids!

    Mommy made a bad joke about horse linament for #1's back, we won't repeat it...

  2. Lovely to see the photos. #1, try to get a little rest, and don't feel pressured to post every day. After the congress is over, you can catch up!

  3. We hope #1's sciatica gives her break so she can be more comfortable! Our Mom had issues with her sciatica a while ago, but doesn't feel it anymore, thank goodness.

    You and Vidock are as handsome as ever, Tommy-kun. And your aunt Cora is adorable too.

  4. Sounds like #1 needs some R&R. Maybe you should move up snuggle day a bit.


  5. #1 has had a few very busy weeks, time for all of you to get her into a good snuggly mood and relax and refresh. Great pics - love her smile:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Vidock is a very beautiful horse! Rest Well #1.

    the amigos and san

  7. That Mango is soooooo sharp!

    We vote what he pawed!


  8. We hope your person gets some rest! And you and Vidock look great!

  9. we sure hope #1 is feeling better...momma gets that sciatica stuff
    Benny & Lily

  10. We hope your #1 is feeling better. Ibuprofen and gentle walking hopefully will help as well as rest. Once #1 de-stresses and is able to relax her entire body things should hopefully get better. Lovely photos! Number one looks so happy!
    How are you feeling, dearest Tommy?
    Our love to all.

  11. I still think Vidock looks totally awesome! I hope #1 feels better soon!

  12. Guys, this is getting serious. Your duty is to pin #1 down to a bed and lie on her for a very long time so she gets some rest. Maybe best if Tommy just held out a paw and Vidock just whinnied as they might be a bit heavy, but the rest of you must demand with your physical presence as back soothers, she takes it easy!

  13. Purrs fur #1's back. We hopes efurryone is back where they belong soon! Great pics!

  14. We're purring for #1's back to feel better very quickly. The photos from the congress are wonderful :) Vidock, you are our favourite ;)

  15. We hope #1gets to relax soon. Love the manly photos of you & Vidock!

  16. We hope #1 will take care of her back and be able to rest it some.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  17. Once #1 gets in bed there will be lots of furry attention to make it easy for her to stay there. Her "Permanent PEI friends" are getting together with the "Seasonal Seaviews" on Wednesday night to toast #1's efforts at the Percheron Mondial, and we will send lots of good vibes to the Chans so they will be extra happy to have her back 100%, after those pesky Canadian Percho-tourists finish their breeder visits. (Although - I think #1 put a lot of effort into inviting them there in the first place, non?)Can any Chan tell us when the last guest will be leaving France?

    Hope the sore back starts to heal soon, #1! Love DD, in still-warm and sunny PEI

  18. #1 will be SO ready for a sunggle pile! Sending our purrs that #1 is feeling better soon.

    Vidock you are our favorite horsie in the whole wide world!

  19. Hi Tom, thanks for your report. It seems that show time is a lot of work, but we sure love seeing all the wonderful pictures. Tell Vidock he looks fantastic, handsomest horse we know.

    Hope #1 is feeling better and can get some rest.


  20. We love the photos - Vidock looks fantastic!

    We hope #1 gets lots of rest soon and takes the time to recover from the very busy past few weeks.

    take care
    Clive & Co


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