Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wistful Wednesday

Tom: Yes, it's official. #1 is leaving us tomorrow and will not be back until Wednesday of next week. She is going to England to visit family and friends and is, sniff... abandoning us. Well, actually, my breeder, Ms. A is coming over later today, along with one or two of the girls, and will spend the entire week spoiling us, so it is unlikely that there will be much to pity...

Vidock was not at all impressed when he heard:

And Genji did a great job of looking as tiny and helpless as possible!

But she says she's going anyway. She says this will be her only holiday this summer and that things will get totally crazy when she returns and until after the Percheron World Congress in late September. So, we are, actually really, truthfully glad for her.

Bring on the cuddles Ms. A!


  1. sorry to hear that #1's going away but hey, before you know it, it'll be Wednesday and she'll be back! :))
    Mommy loves the look you gave there Tom! She said you definitely deserve a treat or hug for that!!


  2. Not so good, But I guess it's so fast, All you have to do is nap ! That killed lots of time.

    Purrs for #1 to have a great trip and be safe

    PS : Or May be we can do house trash while she is away : )

  3. Oh Tommy!

    I know that look in the furst pikh will SOOOOOOO get woo evFURRYthing!

    Safe Travels to #1!


  4. One week goes by very quickly, guys. Have a great time, #1!

  5. Simba is right, it will go by really fast. Sleep alot and it will go by faster, then when #1 gets home, you will be all rested, #1 will feel all guilty for leaving you and that means.

    Fun times are coming in the "Make it up to my Critters" Week.

    Play it right and this could be very good for all of you.


  6. Are you all being left again - we hope you will have lots of prezzies when she comes back feeling guilty!!
    Take care.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. That's major sulk stuff. Okay, she needs a holiday but you need her. Time to furball the bags folks.

  8. Have a safe and fun trip number 1! I am certain that the kids will miss you but will have fun with Tommy's bio family! :)

  9. Ah, look at tiny Genji on that big, big bed! I think this calls for a big snuggle pile!

  10. But remember, whenever she goes to England she always brings back treats and food for you!

  11. Vidock looks particularly handsome on this pic. I'm sure you will all be spoiled.

  12. She is leaving! The nerve. Look at that tiny baby. BOL
    Benny & Lily

  13. I hate it when the Woman leaves. It is so unfair!

  14. Humans! It is so hard to keep them home sometimes.

  15. Just like Georgie. We know that #1 will bring back goodies from the UK. And you will have company!

  16. WE sure hope #1 has a great holiday and enjoys herself. We bet she comes back laden with lots of goodies for all of you. Meanwhile, Ms. A isn't a bad alternative, is she? And Tommy, how lucky for you, the girls are coming too. We just know you will all have lots of fun and cuddles.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  17. Have a great trip #1 ! We know the "kids" will be alright in your absence and will be happy to see you when you get back :)

    the critters in The Cottage

  18. Let's brainstorm ways to get back at #1, so she never leaves you again. bwahaha~

  19. Aww sorry that you are being left but hope your mum has a great time. Please is mum comming anywhere near me.. I know you will get spoiled while mum is away..Hugs G xx

  20. I'm sorry #1 will be away for a while...but I'm sure she will be thinking about you the whole time she is away! And I'm sure Ms. A will give you extra treat and attention!! Don't worry....your #1 will be back soon!

  21. Have a safe trip #1!

    I think you guys will have fun with you Ms. A there to take care of you. It's never the same though is it? But it'll be different and that can be good sometimes. Doesn't #1 come home from England with a car full of stuff for you guys though?


    Pei-Ess, Happy Belated Birthday Tama!

  22. A belated Happy Birthday to Tama-Chan! You guys look so intelligent!


  23. Oh darlings..the week will fly by and your #1 will be happy and refreshed.


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