Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Waiting Wednesday with Tommy & Emily

: It's finally Wednesday, the day #1 returns! Ms. A has been taking wonderful care of us but we are very excited about #1 coming home and are waiting, waiting, waiting! In the meantime little Emily and I have really bonded. Fortunately, I don't seem to be having the effect on her that I had on Sophie!

It's been fun to have another woofie to snuggle with!

By the way, we heard from #1 yesterday evening and it seems she just barely averted total disaster yesterday afternoon. As she was driving back to her nephew's, she stopped at a petrol (gas) station. She opened the door to get out and just then, some crazy lady careened by and hit the door, not even stopping for several metres! She came out saying it was #1's fault (as though getting out of a car to fill up was an unusual activity at that kind of location...). Anyway, the big problem was the driver-side door wouldn't shut anymore. And things were a bit tense around the station, with police everywhere because of the riots. After exchanging the relevant info with the other lady and getting some good advice from her nephew over the phone, #1 attached the front door firmly to the back one using horse leads (always carry horse leads!) and tried a garage nearby to see if they could help. They said no but directed her to another one. And there she met Giuseppe, the miracle-worker! He spent half an hour working on the car, finally getting the door to close (and open again!) so she can drive back to us today. And guess what? He refused to take any money! what a prince!


  1. Thank goodness #1 wasn't hurted # that's the main thing. Must have been stressful though. We are sending PURRS.

    Lovely pics sweet Tommy!

  2. Well glad she met a prince on the way home, glad to know they are still out there!

  3. What a scare for #1. Glad that things worked out. She will be home safe with you soon.


  4. I'm glad you have a good ending and be safe !
    Hugs and Purrs

  5. What a divine wee girl Emily is. You two are so cute together! :)
    We are so relieved to hear #1 was not hurt at the petrol station. Too many people act like crazy people when they get close to the pumps, it's crazy! We thought of her while we were watching some of the rioting and hoped she was nowhere near it, and are sending purrs for her to stay safe.

  6. Tommy - what a lovely picture of you and Emily having a snuggle - she is a very pretty lady. Thank goodness #1 wasn't getting in or out of the car when the "accident"
    occurred she could have been injured. Hurrah for Guiseppe in getting the door to close again.
    She'll be home again soon and surely she will be bearing gifts!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Geez! We hate reckless drivers! Glad #1's unhurt!
    Cheers to a safe and happy ending!

    Maxx and mommy

  8. You guys need to give your Mom some extra hugs. I think she'll be glad to see you!
    Grazie, Giuseppe!

  9. You and Emily look so adorable together. So scary for#1. we are glad she is ok. People are nutty
    Benny & Lily

  10. We are glad she got that sorted and that she is okay! YEAH!

  11. Wow. What a story. ANd how reassuring that there are nice people back there who will help others and go that extra mile.
    Paws crossed for a swift return for your #1 ASAP

  12. OMD, what a catastrophe that could have been! We are so very glad that #1 was not hurt. We hope that was not her prized car that got damaged last year. Giuseppe, we love you for helping #1. Now to get her home safely.

    Tommy, we think little Emily is an adorable snugglemate for you.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  13. It makes my heart feel happy to hear about someone like Giuseppe (especially after hearing about that do-do driver who hit you and then said it was your fault!)

  14. So happy to hear #1 is safe and that she met the wonderful Giuseppe.

    Tommy, you look very happy and adorable with Emily. She is quite a doll

  15. Thankfully #1 wasn't hurt and her faith in humankind was renewed by Giuseppe's selfless intervention.
    Welcome home #1! We are sure everyone is ectastic to see you home again :)

    the critters in The Cottage

  16. Well, the incident with #1 just proves that there are crazy drivers all over the world!

    And my human wonders why I hate to be driven to the vet...

  17. Three cheers for Guiseppe...what a kind soul!!! We are very glad that #1 was not injured in the accident.

  18. Close call fur #1. We are thankful she wasn't injured and is returning home on time. Also a purrayer goes out to the prince that helped her. xoxo

  19. Wow, that is crazy. Glad the car is fixed up.

  20. Oh no, what a scary experience!! Glad #1 is ok. And how nice of Giuseppe to fix the door and not take money! Yay, it's a happy ending :-)

  21. We love seeing you and little Emily together. And she's a snuggler just like you! Lovely!
    So glad #1 is safe and was not injured by this irresponsible driver. We were thinking about your #1 being in London during the rioting and praying for her safety. We know that she was someplace safe but one never knows what will happen when mobs become enraged. Good time to be back in France, for sure!

  22. I'm so glad #1 was not hurt! That was so nice of Guiseppe. I know you will be so glad to haf #1 home wif you!

  23. We are glad #1 is all right. Emily is lovely, wouldn't it be nice if she could stay with you permanently?

  24. YIKES!!!!!!

    Of khourse, Mom and I start using that FATE word but we don't know why -

    PeeEssWoo: Hey Tommy - that Emily is a real khutie!


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