Sunday, 21 August 2011


here. Today is a day of celebration at Poupounette Central because it is both Tommy's 4th birthday and my own xxth birthday. I mention the latter because it is the fact that he was born on the same day as me that made me enquire about Tommy's litter. It is a joy to celebrate this day with him.

I know that all of the Chans and Vidock will join me in celebrating our prince. Tommy is every potential dog owner's dream. He is sweet, gentle, energetic, loving, well-behaved and never aggressive. He loves his kitty siblings and looks after all of them, and he is respectful around his big little brother, Vidock. I can take him anywhere with me and know he will always be a perfect gentleman.

In the last four years, Tommy has gone from this:

To this:

We are fortunate in that we get to see his family regularly. We were up in Normandy last night for the official litter birthday party. We would like to pay a special tribute to Tommy's gorgeous Mama, Minnie:

If you were wondering about any kind of resemblance, here is Tommy first thing this morning:

And here is Minnie this morning:

We had a lot of fun celebrating in Normandy with Mama Minnie , Grandmama Katie, Aunt Harry, Cousin Cora, sisters Sophie, Elsie and Lydia and niece Emily, and also with nephews George and Charlie, and of course Tommy's wonderful breeders, Ms. A and Mr. R. Here are some of the girls ready to go to the party:

L to R: Elsie, Emily, Lydia, Minnie and Sophie

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Tommy! You bring us all so much joy each and every day. Thank you for being you.


  1. Happy Birthday to both of you!!! Tommy, you are clearly the BEST doggie ever.

  2. Happy birthday Tommy, you are awesome!

  3. Happy Birthday wishes to #1 and to our favourite dog Tommy. You made us smile with pictures of Minnie and Tommy - like mother like son!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Happy birthdays all round, guys! Here's to very many more x

  5. Happiest of Birthdays Tommy. Your Mommy is stunning, no wonder you are such a handsome young man.

  6. Definitely a lot of my Uncle Tommy's marvellousness is down to the 'nurture' he gets with #1 as well as his lovely natural 'nature' which we all share of course!

    Happy birthday to us!!

  7. Happy birthday to Tommy and his #1. Its good to see you with your mommy Tommy. You look just like her.

    the amigos and san

  8. Hap-Pei Birthday Tommy!
    Hap-Pei Birthday #1!!

    I hope you both get lots of cuddles and hugs and nose snuffles and cake and cookies!

    Bolo & Family

  9. Happy Tommy Day!


    Happy Gotcha Day to #1!

    It is furry khool to share such a special day with a mom!

    I know that one furry furry well!

    Khake, khysses, and khuddles!

    PeeEssWoo: Of khourse, Whitney LOVED the studmuffin shot!

  10. Happy Birthday to one of the smartest dogs I know! And Happy Birthday to your Mom! You come from a very handsome family.

  11. Happy birthday Tommy, you wonderful woofie! And happy birthday #1!

  12. Happy happy birthday to you both!

  13. Happee Birthday Tommy!!
    Benny & Lily

  14. Happy birthday to Tommy and to #1! I hope you both have an extra-special day filled with hugs and kisses and cake and ice cream! Tommy, you are the best kitty-loving doggie I know.

  15. Happy happy birthday to Tommy and #1!! What a wonderful coincidence that you were born on the same day! Tommy is a very sweet gentleman.
    I hope you all have a wonderful day today!!

  16. What a week it's been for Birthdays! Crystal's, Jasper and Dino's and now Tommys and #1's. Happy Birthday to both of you xx

  17. Happy Birthday Tommy and #1! Enjoy your day. I'm teleporting over to help you celebrate! I've got my squeaky ball packed and ready to go.

    Tail wags,


  18. Happy Birthday Tommy! And Number 1! Is XX mean your 20 years old?...

  19. Happy Biwfday Deew Tommy!!!1
    Yopu awe not just soopew handsome, but one of the most nicest and wondewfullest woggies I know
    You bwing joy to evewyone awound you, even ones as faw away as me
    may you have many many mowe!!!1
    smoochie kisses

  20. Happy Birthday to Tommy and you. Hope it is a very special day for you both. :)

  21. We all love Tommy too - he is such an ideal pup!!! Happy Birthday, Tommy and many many more.

    Happy Birthday to #1 too - we think Tommy had to be the best birthday present ever.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  22. Happy birthday to Tommy and #1! Definitely, an auspicious day... and it comes exactly one month after my human's birthday!

  23. Happy Birthday, Tommy! Happy Birthday, Virginia! You do have many reasons to celebrate ths special day indeed. Two wonderful beings came to this world! The birthday party in Normandy sounds like a wonderful thing to bego this special day. Here's to many more happy and healthy years!
    Siena, Chilli & Britta

  24. Happy Birthday Tommy !!!!!!!!!
    Happy Birthday #1 !!!!!!!!!!!
    We wish you both a wonderful,happy and fun,fun,fun day!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  25. A joyful and happy birthday to both of you. And thank you for the smiles and love you being all of us, Tommy. Yu and all your siblings. #1...many many many MANY more, dear friend.

  26. Happy Happy Birthday Tommy and # 1 !!!! I hope you have a fantastic woofie's day : )

  27. Happy Purrthday to Tommy and #1.

  28. Happy Birthday, Tommy!! We hope you are having a great day!! And Happy Birthday to #1 too!!

  29. Bonne Fete Tommy and # 1! How sweet that you have the same birthday! :) Double the fun and cake!!

    Tommy , you are a dreamboat pup for sure and we think you would be very good friends with Duffy if you lived a little bit closer.He also loves cats and cats also love him!

    We hope you both get spoiled today.

    the critters in The Cottage

  30. Wishing you both many more, wonderful, happy birthdays! Thank you for your friendship...we love you!
    Sending lotsaluv

  31. Happy Birthday to Tom and #1! Thanks for being my friends and I hope you have a great time on your special day!

  32. Happy Birthday Tommy! We love you so much! You really are the perfect doggie. The splendid fruition of nature and nurture. We are sure all of your kitties (including those who have gone before) are so happy and proud to have you as their brother and wish you all of the best life has to offer. We do!
    Happy Birthday, #1! Many happy returns of the day!
    Some yummy treats, both dog and bean, will be consumed in Tommy's and your honour.

  33. Woohoo!!
    Happy Birthday Tommy and #1!!!

    Here's to more good happy healthy prosperous years to come!!!

    Maxx and family

  34. WE ARE SO SORRY ~ we didn't realise it was handsome Tommy's birfday yesterday as well. otherwise mo would have posted a message on FB for him!

    Belated Happy Birthday to Tommy, and the mom again! Smoochies.

  35. Wow - Happy Birfday Tommy! You are a great woofie friend! Happy Birfday to #1 as well! Oliver, Ruby and Rose

  36. Happy Birthday, Tommy. You were a cute puppy, and now you're a cute and very handsome grown-up dog. Thanks for bringing your family so much happiness.

  37. Happy Birthday Tommy! What a cute little pup you were, but I like your fully grown and handsome self even better. You are a wonderful guy and a true snuggler.

    Happy Birthday to #1 too!



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