Friday, 26 August 2011

Friends, Family and Frootbats on Friday

Tom: Well, Fernant has gone off on a "training course" with some friends of ours. We barely survived the 24 hours he spent with us, so we are all crossing paws that he will come back a perfect gentlemen sometime next week.

Here is one of the few quiet moments of the 24 hours:

Otherwise, this was more like it...

I wanted to share some more photos from my last weekend with my family. Here are my Mama. Minnie, and my sister Elsie (with the punk hairstyle!)

The one and only Emily:

And of course Sophie!

Here is Genji's Frootbat submission for this week:

And Bibi's:

At the entrance of the woods behind where the cows are, #1 spied this amazing set of frootbats!

And Vidock said he wanted to do Frootbat Friday too this week!

#1 says she would like to apologise for our irregular visiting of late. She says that things are really beginning to get crazy with preparations for the Percheron World Congress and that the situation is likely to deteriorate further. She will make every effort to help us continue to blog regularly but we may not be able to visit all of our friends regularly.


  1. Love the pictures. I was wondering if my Lily could go with Fernant so she could come back as a little lady
    Benny (& Lily)

  2. Poor patient Tommy - let's hope Fernant's schooling works! The picture of Emily is hilarious and very beautiful of the other 3 - makes me fall in love with them all over again. Love all the ears pix as well.

  3. Tom you must have been exhauseted when Fernant went home - we hope he learns how to be a perfect gent at the training course and we love Elsie's punk hairstyle! We love all the Friday Frootbats - they made us smile.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Always love the frootbats! Tommy is still the epitome of patience and good manners.

    I think I'm in love with Emily :D

  5. I am glad that you guys get some rest after Fernant and we look forward to hearing about Percheron World Congress (when the human has time to tell us!)

  6. I think the Percheron World Congress sounds exciting! Too bad it has to get in the way of your human's blogging duties.

  7. WE sure do wish you all the best at the Percheron World Congress. We hope you do really well.
    We see that you made a bid at the auction for SAS. Would you mind sending me your email in case I have to get in touch with you about the results of the auction.
    My email is

  8. Great display of ears and furiends today!!! We hope Fernant does well at training - maybe we will have to do that with Mr. Lightning Bug.

    Tell #1 not to worry - we all understand. We are having to slow down a bit too, sometimes life just gets too busy.

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. We love the photos.
    We may not have power for an extended time (usually around 14 days).
    We'll be back.
    Mandu and Mom

  10. Those are some truly excellent frootbats!

  11. We know all about the busy brains here for sure. No worries. Nice fruitbat and totally exhausting visit from your friends.


  12. Great fruitbat!

    What a fabulous family you have.. lovely photos.

    We all know how busy everyone gets..we are still trying to catch up after our PA was otherwise ebgaed for the lst 7 weeks!

    Have a great weekend.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  13. Send him to Khamp Khyra -

    I bet the swim akhross The Pong will wear him out a bit!

    PeeEssWoo: Auntie Di says please send Emily to Arizona!

  14. I NEED to give Emily snuggles and kisses on her smiley little face!

  15. As you can see by our late arrival mom has been struggling with helping us visit too! You know it's bad when you post a photo of Fernant and you don't see an immediate comment from us (Fernant makes her go to mush...)

    Of couse you all make her go to mush with your snuggles and frootbats and bellys.


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