Wednesday, 6 October 2010

My World Wednesday

: I thought I would do something a little different today and show you a little bit of my world here. We live at the end of a lane that's about 1km long. It meanders down gently and on both sides are fields. There are just three houses where we are. Our cat buddy, Basha, lives in one, and in the other are my girlfriend, Damia, her big sister, Puce, and two kitties, Grisette and Manoushka.

I am very lucky in that I can run free most of the time, and explore at will. Here is an early morning view from half way up the lane:

Here is a picture of me romping in the big field:

And one of #1:

The area we live in is known for its gently rolling landscape. You get very few big open views.

Right next to the big field is another big field. Last year, there was a Percheron mare and her foal there but, this year, it's these beauties:

Two lovely Charolais cows, and their calves!

Of course, the charms of the fields are not all large-scale. This time of year, the spider's webs are amazing. Take a look at this hammock!

And this year, there have been more ladybirds (ladybugs) than ever before!

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of my world!


  1. Thankyou for the tour, Tommy. Your home looks positively magical :) What a lucky boy you are to run about in such a lovely place :)

  2. Thank you for the tour. You sure are a lucky boy to live in this eden.

  3. What a beautiful natural landscape! Thank you for showing us around. Nice shot you took of #1 in there too :).
    ~Lisa Co9T

  4. You live in a lovely place Tommy.

  5. You live in a beautiful place Tommy. We bet the smells in the fields are wonderful. We like the look of those cows.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  6. Thanks for showing us around. It sure is pretty where you live!

  7. Tommy you live in a very beautiful area - you are lucky to have such lovely fields to romp in when you go on your walks with #1 and to romance your girlfriend Damia.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Thank you for showing us where you get to romp and play Tommy. It's stunning!

  9. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful things you get to see where you live Tom.

    We have noticed a huge explosion in the Ladybird numbers here in the UK. Mum is not sure if there are more of them or she's just noticing them more.

  10. Ahhhhh the french countryside is a lovely place to be - almost heaven on earth!
    We just went back over the past posties.
    So nice that your guests came to see all of you and that was certainly a comfort in light of last week's shocking events.
    All of you look happy and content and I for one am very proud of you for caring for your mom so well. broken hearts need careful attention, all of you did splendidly.
    bonks for such lovely photos. It is always great to see good photos of all of you comfortable and relaxing at your place.
    Bonks to all of you
    Yuu-Chan's resting place is very nice too <3

  11. Oooh - I want to come back to beautiful France! Thanks for the tour, Tommy!
    Bisous, Linda

  12. Thank you for that little view of your world, Tommy. One of the great things about the doggy blogs is that we get to learn about all these great places. It's always interesting and cases like your lane, beautiful to look at, too.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  13. What beautiful countryside, Tommy! We wonder, do you ever have to be concerned about hunters? We notice #1 is wearing brown, so we assume that there is no one around shooting deer or pheasants, or you would both be wearing orange.

  14. What a lovely place to live Tommy! The buggies look nommy.


  15. We'er glad that you showed us around, Tom. You live in a very beautiful place. We love the photo of you running free in the big field, and #1 looks happy. Nice to see after the sad event.

    Mindy, Moe, BonBon, Cookie & Mike

  16. How Khool!!!

    Thanks fur sharing your world!!!

    It is furry furry pawesome!!!

    The neighbours are khwite the lookers - and I mean that in both interpretations!


  17. Wooos Tommy! That was awesome! Thank woo fur showing us all of your world, or a least a small part of it. Give extra kisses to woo Mom, we have not visited much, been away, but we know woo have all gone through a rough time of it lately.
    Woo are in our thoughts.
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  18. Wuf! Wuf!
    Hey Tommy...Maxmom says I can visit you today...and what a day to visit! I wanna romp in the field with you and nummer1!...can I?
    The colours in you neighbourhood are really cool!

  19. Wow Tom!! I can see why you are such a happy-go-lucky guy!! You are happy because you can go when you want and lucky because you have so many fabulous places to go to when you want to! And what cool neighbors you have...we don't have any cows around here though our neighbor does have a pot-belly pig that is kind of funny!! We like your rolling hills. We are surrounded by forest (which we love), but because of it, we never get to see nice sunsets...I bet you guys have great sunsets there, huh? The pictures of the spider hammock and the ladybug was nice...Mom doesn't like spiders at all, but she did like that picture! Thanks for sharing more of your world with've given us the idea that maybe we will show you a bit of ours..which is much different, but we think you would surely like it!! Hey! maybe you could come visit the Ellwood (yes, I said 'the' because he is really something!) - you guys would have fun walking in the forest here! Purrs, Tiny and Lautrec and the Ellwood (ou, si tu veut, l'Ellwood)

  20. What a lovely world you live in! I am soooo jealous.

    hugs and skritches,

  21. Beautiful! Pop loves cows as much as cats. If he could, he'd own one.

  22. Beautiful post. Just lovely.. Hugs GJ xx

  23. Your world is so beautiful, Tommy. No wonder you and your flying ears have so much fun outside. We love your rolling hills, since our area is mostly flat land. We have had lots of spiders and ladybugs here too - must be all that rainy weather.

    Happy Wednesday.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder,and Ciara

  24. Tommy

    We loved all those photos so much - lots there that really appealed to Murray - he loved the cows, such a lovely colour and the spider webs - he really loves spider webs and then the ladybird!


    thank you so much
    Clive & Co

  25. Hi Tommy!

    Wow, such beautiful landscapes!
    Thank you for sharing it with us here! You must be very very happy to be able to run in the fields surrounded by nature.
    Lucky lucky you!
    Wish we could see cows and such on our walks too!
    Have a nice day!


  26. Very pretty and we wish we had such nice "limited" views. Your goes on forever compare to ours.

  27. Your world is so beautiful and looks so peaceful, surrounded by nature, Tommy!

  28. Thank you for showing us around. What a lovely place to live!

  29. Thanks for showing us your lovely place and the pretty cows too. We have never seen an actual cow ourselves but they seem gentle.

    the amigos and san

  30. Ohhh that looks so lovely my friends, we're very envious!

  31. Wow, that is a BIG field. Looks so beautiful there. :)


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