Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Tremendous Tuesday!!

She' back, she's back, SHE'S BACK! Our #1 is home from Japan and we are all so very happy!

We've been celebrating each in our own way. I have been napping contendedly

Yuu-Chan has been supervising her at her desk from up in the hammock:

Tom is continually asking for tummy rubs (known around here as "Tommy Rubs"):

And Sei-Chan is back at her post, helping #1 with the computer:

We have been keeping #1 company non-stop since her return as she had a very upsetting experience when the house-sitters, who had seemed like very nice people, hurled abuse at her in the car on the way back from the train station, which is an hour away. Among other things, she was accused of keeping all of us as her prisoners on some kind of power trip, and being cruel to us kitties by keeping us indoors and to Tommy by not allowing him to stay in the garden all day. She couldn't even defend herself as they threatened to stop the car and leave he on the side of the road. The experience was seriously disturbing and she is still recovering. Fortunately, they are now gone, and we are all OK.


  1. That house sitter sounds INSANE! Glad you all survived OK. Good thing mom is home to give you lots of rubs and loves.

    Gosh, I missed manly Monday. Maybe you will need to have thunder thursday.


  2. We are happy you are here!
    Some are prisonners by their minding.
    Love my runs around your home and inside your home too!
    ViVi & AB

  3. The house sitters sound very scary. Glad everyone is OK. ~S,S,C & F

  4. What a horrible experience with the house sitters. Glad things are back to normal now. Enjoy #1 being back!!

  5. First of all: Welcome back home, #1!!! We are so happy that you returned safely and that all the furbabies are okay.
    Secondly: WHAT THE HECK is going on with these housesitters? #1 should report this at the place she got them from. We totally agree that this must have been very disturbing. And we're so sorry! #1 seems to be a very lovely person and from what we've seen she loves all of you to bits and cares extra well for you. Please help her recover and purr non-stop on her. How scary! We're very relieved that you're all okay and that they didn't make you all stay outside.
    Many big and rumbly purrs to you and to #1.
    Siena, Chilli & Britta

  6. Poor #1! What a horrid experience!! What were these crazy people thinking? What a terrible way to come home. At least they are gone, won't be coming back and you are all together again.

    Purrs and big {{hugs}} out to you all and #1!

    Goldie, Shade,Banshee and PM

  7. We are happy that #1 is home and you are all together again.

    We agree with Mango. The house sitters sound nuttier than fruitcakes! We hope #1 is able to take their comments with a grain of salt. One of the reasons we so love visiting here is that all the members of the Poupounette gang look so happy. We wish we were lucky enough to be taken prisoner by #1. And that comes from our mum too! :)

  8. So how it is exactly that three gorgeous, healthy kitties with a private outdoor run can be called "prisoners"? I don't get it. A certain house sitter needs some serious therapy. But now all is well with #1 back home with happy animals.

  9. How scary...my mom is getting really upset thinking about that horrid ride home in the car for #1. I'm glad you are all ok and looking happy. We are sending purrs your way...and we agree with Siena, Chilli and Britta...those nuts need to be reported.

    Pee Ess...you all do look like the happiest kitties and woofie in the CB!

  10. Oh no that sounds scary. What a bad experience with the house sitter for you!
    We are glad to read your ok and see the happy looking pictures!!!

    Luna,Luzie and Olli

  11. Now that sounds like some crazy hoomans! We're happy your #1 is home.

  12. As they say, WTF?

    Mom is still shaking her head in disbelief ovfur that -

    Welkhome bakhk!

    I'm sure all are being 'abused' to the nth degree right now!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  13. OMC! Has your mum complained about the pet sitters?

    We're glad she's back with you now!

  14. Your house sitters don't seem to be very nice. What a horrible way to welcome you back home. Good thing Tom and the gang were more than ready to greet you with lots of love. Those house sitters obviously don't know what they're talking about as we all know that #1 takes great care of all of you and that everyone is happy and healthy and that is what's important.

  15. gordy and georgie3 November 2009 at 17:02

    Good riddance to those housesitters. They sound very looney and should be reported. You have a wonderful life with your outdoor run, climbing and nesting places in the house. No doggy wants to be outside all day, they want to be with people. You are so loved by #1, shame on those people for being mean to her.

  16. Whoa! What crazy mad housesitters!? I wish you could have shown them the statistics showing how indoor cats live much longer, healthier lives than their counterparts who are allowed to roam at will. They'd think me and Mica were on death row if they ever saw us confined to our apartment!

    What matters is that you're back home safe and sound and surrounded by your happy brood!


    Your pals,

    Petey and Mica

  17. Virginia,
    Those shrews deserve "un bon coup de pied au cul" !!

  18. How bizarre! I hope you don't have to deal with those house-sitters again! Your clan of critters is one of the happiest I've ever seen, and clearly NOBODY is being held "prisoner".

  19. So glad that your #1 is back. Give her lots of cuddles to make up for the things that the evil house sitters said! I hope that they didn't do anything mean to you while your #1 was away.

    Your friend,

  20. We add our voices to the outrage against those horrible house sitters! Ugh... some people. Mom is fuming at them as she types this.

    #1, we're so glad you're back safe and sound and we know everyone is happy to have you at home!

    9 and Chani and hugs from Marlene

  21. I had to reread the end of the post twice! Your housekeepers knew how your pets live before coming? OK, most cats are meant of outdoor living, but cats like yours are very special, and I guess they would be kidnapped very quickly, by humans or by beasts. Apparently, you male sure they have plenty of room to exercice. What else could they dream of. Same about outdoor dogs.
    You've been lucky they did not decide to set your pets free...

  22. I don't like the sound of those house sitters. Glad mommy is home.

  23. So glad she is back and you all survived the horrible house sitter!!! You guys have quite the envied life of the three of us, that's for sure!!


  24. Holey Moley! Please don;t tell us those peoples were professional house sitters.. WTF?!
    Momma is so angry by your experience and we can see so many others are also.
    We are very sure that karma will bite those horrible peoples on the butt!
    We agrees also, you shoudl report them.
    We is very glad #1 is home safe :))

  25. Firstly, yay! She's home! Don't you ever ever let her go away again.

    Secondly, what is wrong with those house sitters? They'd be hard-pressed to find a family of more loved and cared for pets. I hope one of you did a poop in one of their shoes before they left.

    By the way, TC, I'll be your prisoner any time! Me-yow! :)

  26. Greetings all! It's lovely to be back commenting on your faboulous blog and we're delighted #1 is home.

    Thank you so much for the lovely comments on our last two posts.

    We were very scared reading about those house sitters!! NOT NICE people at all!

    Hope everything has settled down again.

    take care
    Clive & Co.

  27. What kind of crazy people were those who were sitting for you guys! All of us stay in the house ALL of the time and the dogs go outside in a fenced yard! Those people need their heads examined!

  28. Welcome back and do send THOSE sitters packing never to return!!! They really must be insane. We are glad that #1 is OK.

    Now back to our regularly scheduled programs, it is so good to have you back. Great pics, and love that phrase "Tommy rubs".

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  29. Goodness, I think it is time to find some new house sitters. I hopes they weren't furiends of your mum's. You have a great place to live and play.

    I agree that they should be reported.

  30. Whoa..dat house sitter sure isn't very nice! Anyhowl, the good thing is now all of you are together!!
    Shall we come up with a strategy on how to tackle future house-sitter problems? i'll be glad to jump up on them..
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics!
    Have a great day!!


  31. I'm so sorry #1 had that experience! How Horrid!! and Nutty!! Better stay close by #1 to soothe her. Hope the trip to Japan was wonderful.

  32. How strange these house-sitters are. We don't have a register here for house-sitters so we assumed they were #1's friends. But we are glad that the kitties are none the worse for wear.

    san and the amigos

  33. OMC!!! Well we think your mummy is wonderful for keeping you all so safe and loved. Mummy keeps us inside and we are happy as clams, and SAFE!

    We send purrs to your WONDERFUL mummy.

  34. Yay! We're glad #1 is home! But we're sorry she had to endure the wrath of the house sitters! Guess they just lost your business...and just as well! They do not seem like good people at all!

  35. Oh dear - sounds like some very unpleasant people! We'd put the bitey on them if we could.

    We're glad you're home safe and sound #1 and that everyone is happy now!

    Charlemagne and Tamar


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